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Chapter 358: Who is the Real School Beauty

While everyone was praising Xia Xibei in the video, another account broke the news.

[Don’t you know that the “fairy maiden” you guys like is the top scholar’s girlfriend?]


People were stunned.

This beautiful fairy sister was the girlfriend of the “top scholar”? Damn! How blind must she be!

[Impossible! How can such a beautiful girl be the girlfriend of a scum?]

[There must be a mistake! How can a top scholar have such a girlfriend?]

[Hah! Just take a look!]

This account posted a photo.

The photo showed a teenage boy and girl sitting together with an intimate manner, a smile on their faces.

[Wait, this is the top scholar? What the- He’s pretty good looking!]

[Could it be a mistake? How can such a good-looking guy be a bad person?]

[Please! You guys are so disgusting! So you can’t be bad if you’re good-looking? Do you even have a bottom line?]

[This kind of person is scary, okay? Didn’t the victim say that before? She was the one who confessed her love first. If the top scholar was not good-looking, she wouldn’t have confessed, right? But good looks don’t mean a good heart!]

[God! The girl is so good looking, why would she want to be with this kind of scum? Could it be that she was threatened?]

[What do you mean by threatened? She did it willingly! Who doesn’t know about their relationship in the school? Besides, they have a best friend who is the school bully! She likes to play school bully, and many people are afraid to speak up when they are bullied!]

[What? A school bully?! I guess birds of a feather flock together?]

People discussed it feverishly online, their impression of Xia Xibei falling drastically.

No matter how beautiful they were, if they weren’t good hearted, they were a danger to society.

As online opinion changed, more people came out with posts.

[I’ll show you the real beauty of our school! Good grades, great talent, and most importantly, she has a good heart!]

Photos of Xia Qinghan performing were shown below.

In the photo, she looked beautiful while sitting in front of the piano with a dignified and elegant face, a smile at the corners of her mouth.

[This is the real school beauty! She’s not from the same world as those shady people!]

[I’d like to say as her classmate that she is the real winner of life. She is a real princess from a good family, but she is not a bit arrogant! Everyone likes to be friends with her!]

[Wow! There are people this perfect? I can’t even envy her!]

[Although she is not as good-looking as the girl before, she is also fairy maiden-worthy! Considering all the conditions, she is the real school beauty, right!]

[The girl before was also surnamed Xia, but I heard that she had broken off her relationship with her parents. Can this kind of person be any good? There’s no harm without comparison!]

[Here’s a series of photos I’ve collected for a long time. P.S: I’m a girl. These are all random photos and not taken without permission.]

The following nine-photo grid was a variety of beautiful photos of Xia Qinghan, where each posture of hers showed good upbringing.

[She really is a lady, and a top student! She is the real goddess of learning!]

[No matter how someone looked on the outside, isn’t she just covering up her ugly heart?]

Looking at the online comments, Xia Qinghan could feel the depression in her heart lifting, and her mood improved.

So what if Xia Xibei won a competition? She would still crush her!

Zhang Yiqi was also very proud. She was just about to make those people put out more news when she saw a message suddenly pop up online.

[The amazing reversal! Thief cries out to catch a thief! Where is the conscience?!]

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