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Chapter 351: Blaming the Victim

The post immediately sparked intense interest.

A class representative highlighted the key points.

[A high school girl liked a top student from her school. She confessed her love but was molested by the guy. Then, the school principal and the head teacher threatened her to keep her mouth shut, kicking her out of school in order to keep things quiet!]

People were in an uproar online.

[Crap! How can such scum exist! How can a thief cry to catch a thief!]

[Damn, why blur the faces! It’s disgusting! Can’t believe this kind of thing happens on campus!]

[The school is too shameless! Protecting the top student for the sake of promotion rate! This is ruining the girl’s life!]

[Damn! Creep!]

[Call the police! We must bring this scum to justice! What do you mean by molestation? That’s rape! So what if you’re a good student? You’re still the dregs of society!]

[This principal and head teacher are also scum for helping scum!]

[I have reason to suspect that this principal and head teacher have done unforgivable things to other students as well!]

[Animal! Scum! Creep! Their whole family should go to hell!]

Everyone was extremely angry.

How dare the school cover up for the criminal when something like this had happened? It’s really shameless!

Who would dare to stay at this kind of school?!

The reporter worked fast and immediately contacted the girl, named Li Yulin.

Quickly, news articles appeared.

In the video, Li Yulin’s face was blurred and her voice was camouflaged.

On camera, she cried pitifully.

“I was very attracted to this guy, so I was very excited when he was willing to come meet me. But I didn’t expect…” She cried for a while, her voice choked up as she continued, “But I never thought that he would be such an animal! If I hadn’t fought back, I could have been…

“I went to the principal and the head teacher, but they told me to shut up and said that the boy couldn’t have done such a thing because he had good grades and could have gotten into a top school. They also said that I should not slander him without evidence.

“The boy had a few friends who testified along with him! And he actually slandered me and said that I molested him! Finally, they threatened me, saying that if I dared to say anything, they won’t let me continue my studies!”

People online were angrier than ever after seeing this video.

[How can a girl molest a guy? Are they crazy?!]

[What kind of leadership is this? Is it so important to have good grades? Even if you have good grades, you’ll still be scum when the time comes!]

[The leaders are also monsters! They must have done a lot of these kinds of things to be able to handle it so “properly”! If you can’t fix the problem, then fix the person who made the problem!]

[Which school is this? I want to drag out these leaders and beat them up!]

Soon, more information came out.

The incident happened at G City’s Qing Ye High School. The top student was a certain boy in the 11th grade.

After knowing this, everyone wanted to rush to Qing Ye High School, pull this scum out, and beat the crap out of him!

With the manipulation of people who had certain intentions, in just a day, this incident had become bigger and bigger. Almost all Internet users knew about it!

Moreover, the identity of the “leading man” had been established.

Other than the people directly involved and his classmates, everyone in Qing Ye High School condemned Tang Luo.

They never thought that he would have such a despicable side!

Moreover, those who could be best friends with such scum were not good people either.

On the night of the talent competition, things festered once again.

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