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Chapter 350: Deleting the Video

“Are you crazy?!”

Song Jiaren and Yu Ziqi were both stunned.

They thought that Tang Luo was already enough of a saint, but they didn’t expect him to be even crazier!

What if the girl did not want to go? If the evidence was deleted, what would they do?

But what shocked them even more was that Xia Xibei took out her phone and said seriously, “Since she knows she’s wrong, it’s useless to keep these videos.”

Song Jiaren and Yu Ziqi looked at the two as if they were dim-witted.

What was wrong with them today? Why would they do something so stupid?!

“Aren’t you afraid that she’ll change her story later?!” Song Jiaren wanted to pinch the two people awake. They weren’t so intellectually challenged before!

“I’m not,” Tang Luo shook his head. “She knows her mistake.”

If it weren’t for the principal and head teacher in front of her, Song Jiaren would have cursed.

She knows nothing! If she knew the error of her ways so easily, she wouldn’t have done something like this in the first place!

The girl was overjoyed and knelt down with a plop, “I swear! I really know I’m wrong!”

Xia Xibei rushed forward to help her up, “You don’t need to kneel.”

The girl got up using her help, forgetting all about the horror she had just felt.

Song Jiaren just stared at Xia Xibei with wide eyes, wishing she could kick her out! Was she poisoned?!

After making the girl sit down, Xia Xibei looked at them. “Why are you guys worried that she will go back on her word? The principal and the head teacher are here! Even if she did, would it work?”

Song Jiaren and Yu Ziqi couldn’t help but frown.

That sounded reasonable, but somehow, it still didn’t seem right?

“Principal, head teacher.” Tang Luo looked at the two men, “You will testify for me, right?”

“Of course!” The two men nodded in unison. “We’ve all seen the video, of course we know who is right and who is wrong.”

“That’s good.” Tang Luo was relieved and looked at Song Jiaren and Yu Ziqi. “Delete the video.”

“Yes, let’s delete it,” Xia Xibei said while deleting the video and also shredded the file.

“If you shred it, it can’t be retrieved.”

Xia Xibei even turned the screen around.

Looking at the empty video page, Song Jiaren almost couldn’t help shouting to the sky.

What was wrong with these two today?

Xia Xibei didn’t care what Song Jiaren was thinking. She took her phone and tapped on it, finding and deleting the video.

After doing all this, she looked towards Yu Ziqi.

Yu Ziqi then obediently deleted the video.

“Well, it’s getting late. It’s time to go back.” Tang Luo politely bowed to the principal and head teacher, “Sorry to trouble you.”

The two men looked at each other with conflicted expressions.

They didn’t expect things to be resolved so anticlimactically either.

“Alright. Go back.”

What could they do? The parties involved had already made their decision.

Finally, Tang Luo looked at the girl, “Remember what you said.”

“Of course, of course!” The girl nodded repeatedly.

“OK. Let’s go.”

As soon as Tang Luo said those words Song Jiaren turned around angrily and left the office.

Tang Luo and Xia Xibei looked at each other and followed her out, with Yu Ziqi following close behind.

“You… You!” The director pointed at the girl in frustration, “If it weren’t for Tang Luo’s kindness, you…!”

The girl bowed her head and carefully backed out of the room.

Only after she reached an empty place did she look up, a vicious smile on her lips.

Later that night, a post appeared online.

“Top student molested a girl! The school forced her to withdraw from school instead!”

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