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Chapter 352: Changed A Lot

“Whoa! These people really want to see a show!”

Ren Juncheng looked at his phone, his expression all over the place.

He tugged on Tang Luo, “You’re letting them curse you like this?”

Looking at the online cursing and ranting about Tang Luo, Ren Juncheng’s face was a bit unpleasant.

“It’s okay. Let them curse.”

Tang Luo was not worried. He was actually quite calm; it was as if those vicious words did not affect him at all.

“Bro, are you alright?” Ren Juncheng looked Tang Luo up and down, his face suspicious. “Why do I feel that you have changed a lot?”

He used to be quite weak and somewhat soft in his dealings, but now he seemed to have a big change in character. He went from being weak to strong. Also, he was very mentally tough!

“Totally. I also think that Ah Luo has changed a lot.” Yu Ziqi, who was nearby, also spoke up, “Yesterday, we were so exasperated because of him and Beibei!”

Yu Ziqi couldn’t help but shake his head thinking about yesterday.

He and Song Jiaren didn’t expect that Tang Luo and Xia Xibei would have such a tacit understanding. They couldn’t even react to it!

Facing the two people’s questions, Tang Luo raised his eyebrows.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that these words don’t mean anything to me.”

Since what had happened last time, he understood one thing: as long as he didn’t care, he would not get hurt.

These people, no matter what they said, no matter how vicious, wouldn’t hurt him. In fact, they made him stronger.

Moreover, he was winning. When the time came, it was others who would lose face, so what did he have to worry about?

Ren Juncheng tsked and gave a thumbs up, “Awesome!”

As Tang Luo’s friend, he was about to be killed by others’ stares.

If it wasn’t for Tang Luo’s assurance to him that things would be resolved soon, he really wouldn’t dare to sit with them.

He changed the subject once again.

“How’s Beibei? She’s ready to go, right?” He stretched his neck to look at the stage, “The competition is about to start, right? My little Honey is coming out soon!”

Xia Xibei had borrowed Honey as a supporting act for this talent competition.

“Hmm,” Tang Luo nodded, “She’s up early.”

“She is the seventh one to appear and… Xia Qinghan is right in front of her,” Yu Ziqi said while checking his phone.

After seeing the information on the phone, he almost cursed.

“Damn! These people are gross!” He handed the phone to Tang Luo, his face gloomy, “Someone has pulled Beibei down as well.”

Someone had revealed online that Tang Luo had an equally evil girlfriend, and after the incident, his girlfriend was still brazenly attending the competition.

In this online photo, Xia Xibei’s face was blurred.

The people online cursed furiously, saying that she was equally repulsive.

The three of them twitched their mouths. How could they tell that she was repulsive with the blurring present? Did they have x-ray vision?

“If you guys don’t come out and explain, we’re all going to get dragged down,” Ren Junsheng shook his head.

“When the competition is over, it will be time,” Tang Luo explained.

At that time, things would be at a fever pitch and when they came out to explain, they would have more advantages.

This was also the result of his discussion with Xia Xibei.


Ren Juncheng looked around carefully, afraid that everyone’s eggs would hit him in the face. That would be so wrong!

“Okay, the competition is starting.”

The lights came on and the host came out.

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