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Chapter 333: Gift from Zhang Yiqi

The next day, as Xia Xibei arrived at school, Tang Luo also got out of the car.

“Ah Luo, was everything okay last night? Is your knee okay?” Xia Xibei asked with concern.

“It’s fine, everything is fine, and my knee doesn’t hurt anymore,” Tang Luo shook his head and laughed.

“That’s good.” Xia Xibei breathed a sigh of relief, then apologized, “I want to say sorry to you.”

“Sorry?” Tang Luo froze. “Why?”

“Actually, I shouldn’t interfere with your life.”

Xia Xibei was a little embarrassed. This was originally between Tang Luo and Mo Bonan, and she, an outsider, shouldn’t have said so much. She had crossed a line.

Instead, Tang Luo smiled with serious gratitude.

“No, I should thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably still be as useless as before!”

If it wasn’t for what Xia Xibei had said, he probably wouldn’t have found that he was still as weak-minded and short of breath as before when facing Mo Bonan.

Even though he was much tougher when facing others, he was still very much a wimp when facing Mo Bonan.

He was always afraid that the original tragedy would happen again, but he forgot that these things had passed. Everything was starting over, and he had more options now!

Even if things ended up back at the original intersection, he could make other changes!

If Xia Xibei didn’t wake him up, he might have continued to struggle to hold back!

Xia Xibei was right. The worst was breaking apart!

“It’s good that you don’t blame me,” Xia Xibei laughed. “I was afraid you’d think I was meddling.”

“Of course not, you’re helping me,” Tang Luo shook his head and laughed.


The two of them were talking as they walked towards the classroom.

When they reached their seats, both of them froze.

On Tang Luo’s table were two pieces of bread and two bottles of milk.

The price tag on the bread showed it cost more than 20 yuan, and the milk was also a famous brand.

“What’s this?” Xia Xibei picked up the bread and looked at it. “Whose is it? Did someone misplace it?”

However, Tang Luo’s expression surprised her.

When he saw the food, Tang Luo’s face switched from sunny to cloudy, with many thoughts reeling behind his gaze.

“Do you know who put this here?” Xia Xibei asked.

“Hmm,” Tang Luo revealed a cold smile. “If I guessed correctly, it was Zhang Yiqi who left it.”

“Huh?” Xia Xibei was surprised, “She left it? What do you mean? Is she planning to poison you?”

This was of course a joke. Zhang Yiqi would not use such simple and crude means.

Tang Luo crooked the corner of his mouth, “You’ll know in a few days.”

Xia Xibei stared at him suspiciously for a while, but could only shrug her shoulders, choosing not to pursue the question.

“Let’s eat. It was delivered to the door; we might as well enjoy it.” Tang Luo gave one to Xia Xibei, “These two breads are from expensive stores, but they’re really delicious.”

“Zhang Yiqi is really polite. She even sent two of these over! But why did she have to buy them at two stores, and not one?” Xia Xibei asked while opening the packaging.

Tang Luo laughed, “Because they’re from two people.”

Xia Xibei raised her eyebrows, “It sounds like there’s a story here…”

“We’ll know when the time comes.”

Tang Luo mysteriously smiled without saying anything.

In the afternoon, Xia Xibei once again slayed in the game, crushing the whole court, Sister Bei’s name resounding throughout the school once more.

After the game, Xia Xibei received a call from Qiao Yanjue.

“You finished the game, right? Old Huo asked us to come over. The things are ready.”

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