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Chapter 332: Self-Doubt

Although Mo Bonan’s expression was unpleasant, he still let Xia Xibei get into the car.

He remained sitting on the passenger side, listening to the whispers behind him in a bad mood.

When Xia Xibei finally got out of the car, he felt a lot better.

Back home, as soon as the car had stopped, Tang Luo opened the car door and got out.

Mo Bonan walked up to him, “Do you want me to help you up?”

“No need,” Tang Luo shook his head with a firm attitude. “I can do it myself, it’s not a big deal. You go rest.”

Then he turned to leave.

Hearing no sound behind him and knowing Mo Bonan was not following, Tang Luo breathed a sigh of relief and felt refreshed.

After watching Tang Luo, who moved a bit oddly, leave, Mo Bonan’s tightly locked brows relaxed. His eyes darkened and he turned around to go back to his study.

He called his parents, who were off somewhere.

“Dad, you know the Zhang family?”

“The Zhang family?” On the other end, Mo’s father froze for a moment, then his voice went cold, “Zhang Kaiwei’s Zhang family?”

Mo Bonan knew something was wrong as soon as he heard his father’s tone.

“Yes. Is there anything wrong with them?”

“Zhang Kaiwei is Little Luo’s father,” Father Mo said directly, not hiding the fact.


Mo Bonan was taken aback and lost his cool in a rare moment.

At this moment, he finally understood why Tang Luo and Xia Xibei were so upset with him and had an attitude. So this was the reason!

“Little Luo seems to be a little younger than Miss Zhang…”

Previously he heard Zhang Yibin mention that Zhang Yiqi was now a senior, but Tang Luo was only a junior.

Could it be that Tang Luo was the illegitimate son of Zhang Kaiwei?

“Zhang Kaiwei?”

The voice on the other end changed; it was Mo’s mother’s now.

Mo’s mother could not help but curse when speaking of this matter, “It’s all because of that bastard! If it wasn’t for him, Zhen Zhen wouldn’t have died so young!”

Back then, if it wasn’t for Tang Zhen, the couple would have died, so they were very grateful to Tang Zhen.

What was hateful was that bastard Zhang Kaiwei hurting Tang Zhen like that!

Mo’s mother was also upset that Tang Zhen did not come to them earlier, hiding instead! She wouldn’t have come at all if she didn’t have much time left!

Thinking of this, the anger in Mo’s mother’s heart flared up once again, wanting to kill that scum Zhang Kaiwei!

“Mom, tell me, what happened.”

After waiting for his mother to finish speaking, Mo Bonan finally asked in a deep voice.

“Let me say it.”

Mo’s father took the phone and slowly told Tang Luo about the events.

After listening to the story, Mo Bonan’s face was gloomy and indecipherable.

“Why didn’t you guys tell me about the Zhangs’ past before?”

“Zhen Zhen only asked us to help her take care of Little Luo and wouldn’t let us interfere in any other matters. Moreover, the Zhang family was just a small family before, and they didn’t have many dealings with us,” Father Mo explained. “But now it seems that their family seems to be developing well after the marriage, haven’t they?”

Otherwise, Mo Bonan would not have mentioned the Zhang family.

“I understand…”

After hanging up the phone, Mo Bonan’s face didn’t look so good.

After learning the backstory, he was embarrassed and self-conscious.

He knew nothing, yet he was so tough on Tang Luo, causing him new trauma. No wonder Tang Luo had such an attitude towards him.

But why didn’t Tang Luo say anything? Was he that untrustworthy?

At this moment, Mo Bonan began to have a rare bout of self-doubt.

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