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Chapter 334: Not Going the Same Way

Qiao Yanjue stopped the car and looked at Tang Luo standing next to Xia Xibei, squeezing out an odd smile. “Tang Luo, we aren’t going the same way as you, so we won’t give you a ride.”

When he met the eyes that seemed to carry killing intent, Tang Luo couldn’t help but take a step back, “No, no need. I’ll just go back by myself.”

He had a feeling that if he dared to get into that car, the result would be very tragic.

Xia Xibei didn’t notice the sparks between the two and said to Tang Luo, “Is it okay for you to go back by yourself?”

“Of course there’s no problem,” Tang Luo smiled. “I’m not a child. You guys go.”

“Okay then, we’ll go first.”

Xia Xibei got in the front passenger seat, strapped in her seat belt and waved to him, “See you next week.”

“Goodbye…” Tang Luo was just raising his hand when the car sped away.

He looked at the car’s retreating back and silently put his hand down.

In the car, Xia Xibei was also speechless. “Was it necessary to be so anxious?” she questioned.

Qiao Yanjue had a serious expression as he countered, “Old Huo is rushing us, I can’t help it.”

“Okay, then we’ll hurry over.”

Seeing that Xia Xibei did not pursue the question, Qiao Yanjue was relieved.

However, he was very depressed thinking about last night.

It was eleven o’clock at night when Xia Xibei got home.

The two of them had just said hello before Xia Xibei went back to rest, which turned his face grim.

Therefore, he was already very restrained, not exploding after seeing Tang Luo.

“How is it going with Brother Huo?” Xia Xibei asked obliviously.

“He said the company’s paperwork is done, and he’s just waiting for you,” Qiao Yanjue said as he drove.

“That fast?” It was only a few days and Huo Zijun’s side was done. It really was different.

“Fast is good,” Qiao Yanjue smiled.

The two of them talked, soon arriving at Huo Zijun’s pharmacy.

When they arrived at Huo Zijun’s office, he was already waiting.

“The paperwork is completed. Did you bring the medicine?” Huo Zijun was upfront.

Xia Xibei blinked and asked rhetorically, “You have the herbs, right?”

She should have gotten the things ready yesterday, but with all that happened last night, she didn’t have time to deal with it.

“Sure,” Huo Zijun nodded. Their store had all kinds of herbs.

“Is there a pharmacy?”

“Of course.”

“Then take me there.”

Huo Zijun looked at her suspiciously, “You’re not ready yet, are you?”

She had said that she would bring the samples today.

Xia Xibei’s face did not change, “Of course I am ready. I’m trying to give you a personal demonstration here.”


“Come on, don’t talk nonsense.” Qiao Yanjue interrupted him and urged, “It’s not like she’s going to lie to you.”

Huo Zijun was speechless.

What the- He was really valuing girls over friends?!

He just asked a few questions and Qiao Yanjue was being protective like this. It was too much!

However, no matter how much Huo Zijun complained in his heart, he still obediently took them over.

He mumbled while walking, “The company’s procedures are done, we just need the prescription. Once the prescription and herbs are in place, you can start…”

“Noisy,” Qiao Yanjue glanced at him from the side, his expression disgusted.

Huo Zijun’s eyes widened.

“Do you want to fight…?”

Xia Xibei was speechless and separated the two, “Okay, don’t fight.”

She rubbed her eyebrows. Why were these two people so childish? Couldn’t they keep their initial coolness and elegance?

Fortunately, the pharmacy was right in front, or the two would probably fight.

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