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Chapter 298: Too Scheming

At first, everyone’s attention was focused on Xia Qinghan.

She was the school beauty after all, a figure whom the students seldom had a chance to get close to, so it was no wonder that people paid a great deal of attention to her.

Besides, she was dressed in an eye-catching cheerleading costume which brought out her beauty even more, drawing everyone’s attention to her.

However, the second Xia Xibei appeared, the situation took a turn.

Xia Xibei’s long hair was tied into a ponytail, which swayed side to side at the back of her head like a playful, little fish, catching everyone’s eye.

Their gazes shifted, becoming glued to her exceptionally beautiful face, which was full of youth and looked as tantalizing as the flowers in spring.

She was dressed in red, short-sleeved basketball attire. The shirt was most likely a size small, neither skin-tight nor oversized, which nicely displayed her slim yet attractive body.

Her long, straight, pretty legs and slender arms were exposed, the red of the shirt bringing out the fairness of her skin.

She wore a red headband for sports and was holding a basketball in her arms. Her facial features looked delicate and gorgeous even without make-up, and her lips were curled into a smile, looking extremely youthful and exuberant.

Every move that she made seemed like that of a model posing for sports posters.

She was in the center, surrounded by boys who were wearing the same type of attire as her.

Judging from the looks on their faces, those boys seemed to be making an effort to curry favor with her, looking like they would even serve her tea if she asked them to.

When she found out that all the attention had been caught by Xia Xibei, Xia Qinghan couldn’t help but bite her lip, all in an attempt to stop herself from pulling a long face.

God damn Xia Xibei! Why must she always find fault with her?!

“What’s Xia Xibei trying to do?” Liu Zhijing scowled deeply, her expression awful. “What’s she doing in that attire?”

“Ha!” Tao Yueying snorted with contempt, “She’s just trying to attract attention with such lame tactics!”

“So that’s what she’s planning?” Liu Zhijing started making faces with disdain, as if she had just realized Xia Xibei’s ill motives. “This is a tournament for boys, and now that she ran into it, it makes her seem like a rare flower among leaves!”

Who would believe that there was nothing unusual about a girl who knew nothing about basketball appearing with a bunch of boys?

“What a b*tch!” Tao Yueying shot a look of disgust at Xia Xibei, continuing, “Does she really think that people are gonna make way for her because she’s pretty?”

“Pfff! How shameless!” Liu Zhijing seemed equally disgusted.

“What if she really is capable?” Xia Qinghan forced a smile, her expression rather stiff.

“Qinghan, you must be thinking too much. People like her are nothing more than shameless!”

“You’re too kindhearted! People like her are just scheming! How can she possibly play basketball? Even if she does, there’s no way she can play better than the boys!”

“Right! She must be thinking of getting some exposure using this opportunity! How awfully scheming!”

Liu Zhijing and Tao Yueying stared at Xia Xibei with eyes full of disgust and disdain.

“Don’t be so silly, she could be trying to snatch the school beauty’s title from you!”

“What are you saying!” Liu Zhijing shot Tao Yueying a glare. “How can she even compare to Qinghan?”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” Tao Yueying said, admitting her mistake right away. The next second, however, her eyes shone. “I have an idea!”

Then, she hurried down to the court, muttering something to the boys in her class.

She ran back after a while with a smug smile.

“I told them that if they win, we’ll go to karaoke together. Qinghan is going too.”

Liu Zhijing’s eyes widened, praising her, “You’re so smart! Qinghan, you won’t mind, will you?”

“Of course not,” Xia Qinghan shook her head, smiling amiably.

“Alright then, let’s just wait and watch her make a fool of herself!”

The three of them exchanged glances and sat down, waiting for the comedy to begin.

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