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Chapter 297: Cheerleading Team

From May to June, the school’s boy’s basketball tournament would officially begin, and all the classes were actively taking part.

Although some of the classes didn’t have many boys, they were still very excited about the tournament.

The boys in Xia Qinghan’s class were no exception. They had been training earnestly on a daily basis.

Even though the girls in the class couldn’t participate in the tournament, they could form a cheerleading team for the participants.

“Qinghan, you’re joining the cheerleading team too?”

“Yeah, I am,” Xia Qinghan said with a smile.

Liu Zhijing asked doubtfully, “But didn’t you tell me that you were busy?”

Xia Qinghan remained unruffled, “Indeed, I am busy, but I thought that I have to contribute in at least some way, since we’re all classmates.”

The person beside her nodded in agreement, “Yea, cheering won’t take up much time anyway.”

“Qinghan, with your presence, those boys will be so excited, they’ll play exceptionally well!”

“Qinghan is a goddess to all the boys! How could they not be excited if she joins the cheerleading team?”

“Also, the boys from other classes will be so jealous because Qinghan isn’t going to cheer for them, it might even affect their performance!”

“It’s a very worthy business for us then!”

The others laughingly bantered back and forth.

Xia Qinghan felt extremely pleased as she listened to their envious remarks, the smile on her face widening.

Anyone who couldn’t make someone else jealous was simply inferior. The more jealous they were, the more outstanding it meant she was.

In fact, she hadn’t been planning on joining the cheerleading team in the first place.

What was so fun about watching a bunch of stinky boys running across the court?

Besides, those boys weren’t even good-looking. They were nothing at all compared to Qiao Haoming, so what was nice about watching them?

However, Qiao Haoming had made her change her mind.

More precisely, it was a friend of Qiao Haoming that made her change her mind.

That friend of his had a team that did online publicity. In simpler words, they managed marketing accounts on social media.

As long as they were paid enough, they could make an ordinary person popular overnight.

If Xia Qinghan wanted to gain more opportunities and re-seize the role that she wanted, she had to boost her popularity first.

Otherwise, people would speculate if she had taken the back door, even if she did get the role.

That person’s plan was to make her take part in more activities and have people capture photos of her, which would then be fabricated into stories and widely circulated online.

By then, she could emerge as the nation’s school beauty.

Once her popularity rose, opportunities would follow.

Xia Qinghan thought the plan was reasonable, which was why she went along with such keenness.

Before the tournament began in the afternoon, the girls in the class changed into standardized cheerleading costumes, exposing their fair and pretty legs.

They raised the shiny colorful balls above their heads and waved it on the spectator’s stage, shouting out various cheer slogans.

“Fifth class, fifth class, one of a kind! Fifth class, fifth class…”

Looking at how passionately the pretty girls were cheering, the other students who came to watch the tournament couldn’t help but marvel at them.

“Is our class going to cheer like that too?”

“Forget it! How many pretty girls do we have in our class?”

“Is that the school beauty Xia Qinghan in the middle? She’s gorgeous indeed!”

Xia Qinghan sat down when the dance was over and beamed a cheerful, pristine smile, causing a great fuss among the boys around her.

She pretended not to know when she heard the clicking sound of cameras from a distance, adjusting herself into her most natural and pleasant posture.

“Qinghan, you’re definitely the brightest star!” Tao Yueying and Liu Zhijing exclaimed, offering compliments.

Xia Qinghan kept smiling, “Be a bit humble, or else people are gonna laugh at us.”

Despite what she said, her smile grew even brighter and wider.

Who the hell would Xia Xibei be once she, Xia Qinghan, became famous?

Right as the thought hit her, she heard a commotion breaking out all around her.

She followed the source of the commotion with her eyes, her smile freezing on her lips.

Xia Xibei?!

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