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Chapter 299: Slay Them, Sister Bei

Xia Qinghan and her friends weren’t the only ones to be surprised. Even the others found Xia Xibei’s behavior rather bizarre.

Their thoughts weren’t as vicious as the three girls, but they were full of doubt and confusion too.

Why would a girl take part in a tournament for boys? Wasn’t that a joke?

Besides, many of them couldn’t help but be suspicious when they saw how those boys seemed to be fawning over Xia Xibei, trying hard to please her.

This was a tournament, not a spring excursion!

Regardless of that, however, Xia Xibei wasn’t going against any rules by taking part in the tournament.

Under mixed anticipation and contempt from all the spectators, the first round of competition between the third and the fifth classes of the sophomore year officially began.

A hastening whistle went off, and Xia Xibei patted Tang Luo on the shoulder, “I gotta go! Cheer for me and await my victorious return!”

Tang Luo was speechless as he watched her slender figure leaving casually, unable to describe his feelings.

The shirt that Xia Xibei was wearing belonged to him.

Luckily, he had bought a slightly bigger one previously, and the top happened to fit Xia Xibei nicely.

He had also gotten the black track bottom ready, but Xia Xibei turned it down.

Tang Luo’s emotions were turbulent as he watched Xia Xibei dress in his clothes and help him with the tournament.

There were ten players standing on the court. Players from the third class were dressed in red shirts, while players from the fifth class in blue. The difference was obvious.

One of the players from the fifth class smiled at Xia Xibei, “Girl, we aren’t going to show any mercy while we play. If you can’t take it, you might want to leave early.”

“Yea, if you get injured later, try not to cry!”

Those big guys’ eyes were filled with hostility when they looked at Xia Xibei, all because she was a girl.

However, it wasn’t like Xia Xibei and her teammates were friendly either. This was a competition after all, not a place to fool around and sing praises to each other.

Besides, Tao Yueying had promised that if they won, Xia Qinghan would go to karaoke with them. This gave them a lot of motivation, making them wish they could show Xia Qinghan their prowess right away.

“Rest assured, I won’t show any mercy either,” Xia Xibei replied with a smile, not at all mad.

Her smile was as mesmerizing as a flower blooming in spring, making people’s faces flush and their hearts race.

The looks on the faces of those who had spoken to her before seemed rather awkward now.

Why would such a beautiful girl like her come and play basketball? Couldn’t she just be a cheerleader, like she should have been?

“Sister Bei, don’t be kind to them. Slay them till they beg for your mercy!” Meng Xuelei told Xia Xibei.

“Sister Bei, all the best! Slay them!”

“Sister Bei, leave them no mercy! Beat the crap out of them!”

The five players from the fifth class were speechless,

What gave them the confidence to make such remarks? Were they still asleep or what? But… Did they just call her “Sister Bei”?

Before they could speak further, the whistle that marked the start of the tournament went off.


The basketball soared into the air from the referee’s hand. Players on both teams leapt off the ground at the same time, the fight for the ball beginning.

With a pow, the basketball got slammed to an empty spot on the ground by one of the hands.

“Snatch it!” everyone screamed at once.

The others ran after it instantly.

Before they could get to the ball, however, a slim figure in red dashed out in a swish.

Then the ball got snatched away.

The figure in red was like a ball of flames, rapidly blazing across the court with an unstoppable force.

In just a short while, the ball of flames spread to the two-point line.

“Stop her, quick!” all the players of the fifth class yelled in horror.

However, despite their anxiety, none of them managed to stop Xia Xibei from advancing.

All they could do was watch her dashing straight into the opponents’ area at the speed of lightning, the ball in her hands.

Then, she came to a sudden halt, raised her hands above her head, and with a shove of her palms, the ball took flight.


The ball fell through the rim.

“BBI——two points!”

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