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Chapter 296: Get Familiar First

Although no one believed that Xia Xibei could play basketball, they still gave her a chance.

In the afternoon, Xia Xibei went to the basketball court with the boys in her class during their physical education class.

“Xia Xibei, you don’t have to force yourself.”

Meng Xuelei was kind of nervous. It would cause a big fuss if something untoward happened because Xia Xibei, who was a goddess to many, looked so weak and delicate.

“He’s right. If you can’t do it, just be honest with us and we can give up right now. It’s not a big deal.”

The others seemed worried as well.

Xia Xibei flashed a smile at their concerned faces, “No worries, I can do it!”

The next second, she added, “But I need a while to get used to it first. I haven’t played basketball in a long time.”

All of them were left speechless.

Tang Luo’s lips twitched. She had clearly never played basketball before, so what gave her the confidence to claim she was excellent at it?!

Before anyone could speak however, she started dribbling the ball.

At that moment, everyone’s jaw dropped.

Judging from her posture, she was clearly no better than any other beginners!

The basketball sprung back and forth between the ground and her palm, and she was slightly hunched, her body looking rather stiff.


Everyone exchanged glances with each other, at a loss for words.

They were bound to suffer an ugly, terrible defeat with the skills that she had! No one played like that, even if they were just trying to fill up the numbers!

“How about we just forget about this?”

“Yea, let’s not get her injured,” the boys said, their faces full of worry.

“Look, quick!” a voice called out all of a sudden.

Everyone turned to look at once, getting struck by awe.

In just a couple of minutes, Xia Xibei had straightened her waist and her moves seemed much more skilled than they were a while ago.

That was some visible improvement she had made!

Xia Xibei remained completely focused as she dribbled the ball, sensing the texture of the ball and adjusting the use of her strength.

She was right. Before the age of 17, she had almost never touched a basketball unless instructed to do so by the PE teacher.

In her past life however, at the age of 20, she used to be a part of the filming of a TV series featuring basketball.

The storyline and the special effects of the series were totally ridiculous, and it received an awful lot of criticism. She was only a supporting character in the series, but nonetheless, she still managed to acquire a good amount of basketball skills during that time.

It was just that she hadn’t had a chance to play basketball in so many years, so her skills had become somewhat rusty.

However, the feeling would surely return once she put in some practice. She was a physically agile martial artist after all!

She carried on with the dribbling, moving forward with the ball.

“Eh! What is she… Jesus!”

The boys watched her advance with the ball, and before they could say a word, their breaths were caught in their throats.

The young lady who had played so badly minutes ago, making it seem like she had never touched a basketball, was steadily moving forward with the ball under her control. In fact, she was speeding up!

When she got to the two-point line, she came to a sudden halt and leapt right off the ground. With a swing of her hands, the ball took flight and fell through the rim!

As they beheld the ball that was bouncing across the ground, everyone was dazed.

Was that… Was that pure luck or what?

Very soon however, they were once again astonished by Xia Xibei’s moves.

They had just witnessed her rapid transformation from an unskilled beginner into a basketball expert!

In the beginning, she even seemed to struggle with on-the-spot dribbling, but ten minutes later, she was effortlessly shooting the ball in just three strides!

The most terrifying part was that her shooting accuracy was 100%!

God damn it! Were they hallucinating or had they just witnessed the birth of a basketball devil?!

“Come on, let’s play together,” Xia Xibei urged, flashing them a bright smile.

Despite her extremely mesmerizing smile, the boys felt their hairs standing on end and chills running down their spines.

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