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Chapter 295: I Want to Join the Competition

The boys were stunned!

They couldn’t have heard correctly, right? Or did Xia Xibei say the wrong thing?

Xia Xibei smiled at their incredulous expressions, “You heard me right, and I didn’t say it wrong, I want to participate in the competition.”

They were even more surprised now, “You want to participate? In a basketball game?”

“Sure,” Xia Xibei nodded, “I’m pretty good at basketball.”

Even Tang Luo was looking at her with doubt.

Tang Luo had shared a table with her for a long time, but he hadn’t seen her play basketball. During physical education classes, she did not even go to the basketball court.

But she said she was a good player. Was she joking?

“Xia Xibei, basketball is not so easy to play. You have never played before, right?” They frowned and added, “Besides, you’re a girl. It’s very easy for you to get hurt.”

A game between girls was relatively safe, but the boys’ games were a lot more savage; if she got mixed in there, she could get hurt.

How heartbreaking would it be if such a beautiful girl was injured?

Xia Xibei actually smiled, reassuring them, “I really can play.”

Without waiting for them to say anything, she continued, “Just tell me, can girls participate in your competition?”

Several people looked at each other.

“Yes, you can… It’s just that…”

Some liberal arts classes had so few boys, there were not even five of them combined.

In this case, if they wanted to participate in the competition, they could let the girls join them.

However, this was a relatively rare situation, because the girls’ physical strength tended to be weaker than the boys, becoming exhausted after half a game.

Even if they had enough players, the final result wouldn’t be great, as teams with female players tended to be more amateur.

Although they had thought that this tournament was just for fun, they did not need to let Xia Xibei get hurt.

“Great!” Xia Xibei interrupted them with a smile. “As for whether I can do it… We have a physical education class this afternoon, don’t we? You guys can see how strong I am then. If I can’t, I won’t force it.”

These words made several people hesitate for a moment, but they finally nodded.


They wouldn’t let Xia Xibei join if she didn’t have what it takes.

“Okay, it’s settled.”

After Xia Xibei happily made the decision, the boys left with complicated expressions.

When they left, Tang Luo immediately spoke up, “You should not force yourself.”

“Force myself?” Xia Xibei was surprised. “What makes you think that?”

“You’ve never even played basketball before!” Tang Luo exclaimed with a frown.

“How do you know I haven’t played basketball?” Xia Xibei suddenly came over, her face only a palm’s distance away from his.

Tang Luo was so scared that his head shrank back, demanding, “What are you doing?!” He was a little excited, and his voice was a little shrill.

Xia Xibei backed up and laughed, “Just messing with you.”

The tops of Tang Luo’s ears were a little red and he was annoyed, asking, “What kind of joke is this?!”

Xia Xibei clapped her hands with an innocent face, “Look at you, so serious! I was just kidding with you, don’t get angry.”

Without waiting for Tang Luo to speak, she continued, “To be honest, I really haven’t played basketball many times before I was seventeen.”

“Then why do you want to do this?!” Tang Luo was upset and annoyed, his face flushed red.

“But I’ll be able to do it if I play a few more times!” Xia Xibei shrugged, and even patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, you’ll see my heroic performance this afternoon!”


Tang Luo was speechless. For the first time, he realized that Xia Xibei had an inexplicable self-confidence.

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