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Chapter 271: The Role is Yours

As they watched the cats and dogs hopping through, one after another, as if they were acrobats, everyone was left astonished.

This was way too magical!

They would have thought that those animals were trained by Xia Xibei from their youth if they weren’t their own pets!

Why did this seem so much like a circus performance?!

Xia Xibei snapped her fingers after all the animals had made it through, and as if a spell had been broken, all the cats and dogs got into motion once again.

Only when the animals returned to their sides and started barking and meowing at them again did the people recover from their daze.

Everyone stared at Xia Xibei in horror, pondering over this scenario with extreme bewilderment. How in the world did she master such skills?!

Jiang Shenghe beheld the scene with great awe, only coming back to his senses after a long moment, taking the lead in the applause.

“Absolutely amazing! Absolutely stunning!”

Everyone else started clapping along too.

Such magical things actually existed in real life! This was way beyond what they could ever imagine!

Jiang Shenghe made an announcement right away, “Alright, the role is yours!”

His words brought theatrical changes to the faces around him.

Pan Yan was so exhilarated that his cheeks flushed red, and there was only one thought left in his mind——the gods had heard his prayer and come to his aid!

Everyone else seemed to be stewing in a mixture of envy, jealousy, and resentment.

Xia Qinghan and Bailey Meixue’s faces first turned pale, then ashen, and finally dark. It was very amusing to watch the colors on their faces change so suddenly.

Bai Meixue in particular was extremely frustrated. They had clearly agreed upon saving the role for Xia Qinghan beforehand!

However, who would have expected Xia Xibei to possess such miraculous skills?

Who could rival the astounding performance that she had put on?

Jiang Shenghe took note of all their reactions and laughed, “If anyone here can perform better than her, I’ll give the role to them!”

All of them exchanged glances, their gazes floating, and their heads hung low in deference.

Perform better than Xia Xibei? They couldn’t even match a tenth of what she could do, now could they!

She wasn’t human, was she?

Having thought of that, no one dared to challenge her further, despite their reluctance to admit defeat.

That really wasn’t something they could compare to.

As for acting… Who didn’t know that Director Jiang Shenghe was renowned for his strict coaching of actors?

Even people who had never been exposed to acting in the past would be molded into qualified actors after joining his crew. Moreover, Xia Xibei did not seem like an idiot at all.

“Alright then, we can discuss the follow-ups now.”

Once he saw that no one had raised any objections, Jiang Shenghe clapped his hands and turned around to talk to Xia Xibei and Pan Yan.


Pan Yan was on cloud nine. He really hadn’t expected such greatness from Xia Xibei!

He had only prayed to the gods because he needed some consolation. In the end, however, the outcome had utterly surprised him!

Xia Xibei held Honey in her arms and flashed everyone a modest smile.

For a moment, they were all left in a daze because she was way too gorgeous. When she smiled, it was like all the spring flowers had blossomed at once, taking their breaths away.

They started discussing their upcoming collaboration, while everyone else, regardless of whether they had their turn to audition or not, had no choice but to go home with their pets.

They all had mixed feelings, unsure of how they should reconcile with what had happened today.

It was unpleasant that they hadn’t managed to get the role.

However, what they had just witnessed was memorable enough for them to keep it in their minds for the rest of their lives.

When would they ever see so many cats and dogs jumping over chairs together again?

It was a pity that they had forgotten to record it with their phones!

Bai Meixue and Xia Qinghan were the only ones left in the room, awful looks pasted on their faces even after everyone else had left.

Xia Qinghan bit her lower lip, looking as if she was on the brink of tears.

Bai Meixue’s heart ached when she looked at her, so she reached out a hand in an attempt to comfort her.


However, Xia Qinghan dashed out of the room with her hand clasped over her mouth.

“Han!” Bai Meixue yelled behind her but couldn’t manage to stop her.

Xia Qinghan’s tears didn’t fall until she dashed into the bathroom.

She bit her lip and cried soundlessly, but her phone started ringing at that moment, forcing her to speak.


“Han… What’s wrong with you? Are you crying?”

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