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Chapter 270: Show Us More

“Animals have been attracted to me ever since I was a child. I have a special physique that others can’t learn.”

Xia Xibei’s answer stunned everyone, then caused them to smile.

“This girl is quite funny!”

Director Jiang Shenghe was a middle-aged man, nearly 50-years-old. He looked ordinary, but because of years of work experience, he had a different aura.

When he spoke, everyone else closed their mouths.

He looked at Xia Xibei with appreciation, a very satisfied expression on his face.

They had seen many people just now, having just made the decision to choose Xia Qinghan.

However, after watching Xia Xibei’s performance, they would be stupid to not change their minds.

The interaction between Xia Xibei and these little animals would definitely shock the audience—no special effects needed!

Moreover, Xia Xibei looked beautiful and had extraordinary temperament. In the words of fans, she was full of an ethereal spirit!

She looked beautiful and her interactions with animals were heartwarming. This was the queen of animals they had been looking for!

“Which company are you with?”

As everyone’s expressions changed slightly, Pan Yan stood up immediately.

“Hello Director Jiang. Her name is Xia Xibei, and I am Pan Yan, her agent. We are from SY Entertainment.”

“The SY company?”

Jiang Shenghe was stunned for a moment, then reacted, “The girl who performed well just now was also from SY Entertainment, right?”

As soon as she heard these words, Xia Qinghan’s heart jumped and she became overjoyed, almost coming out of the crowd.

They were talking about her!

There were two people here from the SY company; she was the only one here from their company besides Xia Xibei.

However, Jiang Shenghe’s next words made her heart drop.

“I thought that girl’s performance was pretty good, but I didn’t expect there to be a better one!”

The smile on Xia Qinghan’s face froze; it was as if a slap had landed on her from the sky, making her dumbfounded.

Jiang Shenghe did not realize she was standing not too far away.

He looked at Honey in Xia Xibei’s arms and asked, “You’re here to audition too?”

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded.

“Do you have any other skills?”

Pan Yan moved his mouth, but no words came out.

The power Xia Xibei had shown just now was amazing enough!

However, this was director Jiang Shenghe, so he dared not say anything.

Xia Xibei smiled as she looked at him, “What do you want to see?”

“Since you have more secret skills, how about showing us some of them?” There was strong curiosity in Jiang Shenghe’s eyes.

In his opinion, Xia Xibei had probably mastered special skills that controlled cats and dogs, but there was nothing else there.

It was the same as some people who could control a snake; it was a unique skill, but the scope of control was not very large.

However, it was enough to make cats and dogs get close to oneself.

This was equivalent to a real life, low-profile queen of animals.

However, he was also very curious, did Xia Xibei have more tricks?

Xia Xibei smiled, “Yes.”

She looked around, then instructed Pan Yan, “Brother Pan, help bring that chair over.”

Pan Yan nodded, immediately bringing the chair over and placing it according to Xia Xibei’s direction.

Then Xia Xibei snapped her fingers.

Everyone was shocked to find that those cats and dogs seemed to have heard some instructions. The animals all came out of their previously relaxed state, standing up in unison and looking at Xia Xibei.

She pointed to the chair and said, “Come, jump over. One by one.”

Following her command, the cats and dogs lined up obediently, elegentaly jumping over one by one.

The chair was not high, so no matter the size of these cats and dogs, they all jumped over easily.

After they had all jumped over, the place became silent.

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