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Chapter 272: I’ll Help You

The moment she heard the voice on the other end of the phone, Xia Qinghan burst into tears.

“Brother Haoming…”

Qiao Haoming panicked right away upon hearing her pitiful crying, “What’s wrong? Did you get bullied?”


Xia Qinghan felt so aggrieved, she couldn’t even speak.

“Don’t cry now! Tell me who bullied you, I’ll send someone to teach them a lesson!”

Qiao Haoming cajoled her for a while, but Xia Qinghan became even more distressed and tears kept falling from her eyes as though it was the end of the world.

Qiao Haoming’s heart ached terribly, reassuring her, “Don’t you cry anymore, I’m coming over right now!”

“Don’t!” Xia Qinghan exclaimed hurriedly, “You don’t have to come, I’m alright.”

However, the sobbing in her voice enraged Qiao Haoming even more, “How can you be alright! Tell me, what actually happened? Is it… The audition that you told me about?”

Yesterday, she had told him that she was going for an audition.

He had assumed it was almost finished by looking at the time.

Was it really because of the audition?

Xia Qinghan had felt much calmer after that round of crying, but she couldn’t help but start weeping again when he mentioned the audition.

“I knew it!” Qiao Haoming gritted his teeth in anger, “You must have been bullied! Tell me all about it, I’ll make things right for you!”

Xia Qinghan sniffled after being coaxed for a while, then started explaining, “I really am fine, it’s just that…”

“You didn’t get selected?”


“Are those people blind?!” Qiao Haoming blew his top, “How could they not choose an outstanding actress like you?!”

Xia Qinghan finally felt better after being waxed lyrical by Qiao Haoming, modestly insisting, “You’re exaggerating.”

“I am not!” Qiao Haoming instantly objected. “You’re such a perfect girl, it’s their loss that they didn’t choose you!”

Xia Qinghan chortled through her tears, “You’re the only one that thinks I’m perfect.”

“Not just me, a lot of people think of you that way!” Qiao Haoming finally felt relieved when he heard her laugh, saying, “It’s an honor that I can be with you.”

Xia Qinghan’s cheeks turned rosy due to shyness. Although she knew that his words weren’t entirely sincere and that he was just cajoling her, she still felt pleased.

“Whom did they choose then, if they didn’t pick you?”

Xia Qinghan’s heart sank a little as she casually replied, “A girl who’s about my age, but she could make cats and dogs do stunts.”

“Make cats and dogs do stunts?” Qiao Haoming was befuddled, “Was it like YD’s snake-controlling skill?”

“Something like that.”

Qiao Haoming snorted, “Simply crooked tricks! How about her acting, then? Are you sure she wasn’t as good as you!”

“I have no idea. The director didn’t even audition her. He gave her the role the moment he saw her controlling the animals.” Xia Qinghan was crestfallen, asking, “What can I do? She was the director’s choice.”

Qiao Haoming became indignant upon hearing that.

“What kind of a director is he?! Shouldn’t he choose actors based on their acting?!”

“How would I be able to guess what the director’s thinking,” Xia Qinghan said, forcing out a bitter smile.

“It’s alright, I’ll settle it for you!”

Qiao Haoming’s words delighted Xia Qinghan, but she got a little nervous. “How are you going to settle it?”

“By making them choose fairly, of course!” Qiao Haoming declared righteously.

“Huh… Of course they won’t listen to you! I might not be their choice even if that girl didn’t get chosen. I’m a newbie, and I’m not popular enough. Without any saving grace, what do I have to compete with…”

“You’re talking about popularity?” Qiao Haoming snorted. “That’s simple!”

“Simple?” Xia Qinghan was perplexed. What could Qiao Haoming do about popularity?

“I’ll have a friend of mine contact you soon. Since you’re not popular enough, we’ll create popularity for you!”

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