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Chapter 238: Eat and Not Gain Weight

Laosha didn’t know many fancy words, so he just said what he felt—it was delicious!

“It’s really delicious! Try it, I wouldn’t lie to you!”

He was different from others. After all, he didn’t need to debut or have such strict body management.

The crucial point was that he exercised a great deal every day. Even if he drank two cups of high-sugar milk tea daily, he would not have to worry about getting fat.

However, this milk tea was delicious beyond his imagination.

The cup was beautiful, and the color of the milk tea was also gorgeous, which whetted people’s appetite.

However, all of this was secondary. The key was its taste.

“This is the best milk tea I have ever had!” he exclaimed again and again.

Hearing his words, the others couldn’t help but pick up a cup of milk tea.

After taking a sip, everyone’s expressions suddenly changed.

“It’s delicious!”

“The sweetness is just right! It’s not too rich!”


“The 20 yuan price tag is not too much now!”

It’s not that they couldn’t afford the 20 yuan, but when the other milk teas were only about 10 yuan, its higher price made everyone wonder if it was worth it.

However, after tasting it, everyone understood that it was worth the money!

Some people nearly had tears in their eyes. For the sake of weight-control, they had not had milk tea in so long!

This milk tea was so delicious, but the most important thing was that this milk tea did not make one fat!

That was the claim, but no one dared to believe it.

The company would not cheat them, but what if the store had fraudulent marketing? If they were being scammed, it would be so upsetting!

They didn’t want to spend more time exercising.

Therefore, many people only drank half a cup at most, while Xia Xibei bravely drank one cup of milk tea and ate two slices of cake, causing everyone to look at her.

“Xibei, if you eat this much, aren’t you afraid of getting fat?” someone asked her.

“It’s okay, I can’t get fat,” Xia Xibei explained with a smile.

“You can’t get fat?” The others were surprised, then exclaimed in envy, “Wow!”

Looking at Xia Xibei, one could faintly see her trim waistline and her voluptuous chest, causing the eyes of the other girls to turn red with jealousy.

This kind of figure really made people envious!

“I really want to eat without getting fat!” one girl whispered. “I haven’t had a satisfying meal in such a long time.”

Others nodded along, “Yes, every day I just eat salads. I feel like I am going to turn green!”

Everyone complained, voicing their frustrations.

They were almost drooling as they smelt the sweetness of the cake, but they didn’t dare touch the food.

Just one taste would take so much time to burn off!

As she listened to everyone’s complaints, Xia Xibei had an idea.

On the other side, Xia Qinghan looked at Xia Xibei, who was surrounded by everyone, with uncontrollable indifference and disgust in her eyes.

She didn’t know what tricks Xia Xibei had pulled to make them like her so much! This kind of star power belonged to her!

Now, because of Xia Xibei’s meddling, many people stayed away from Xia Qinghan, not even daring to approach her.

Only Xiaoshi and Nini were relatively close to Xia Qinghan now; the others were merely cool towards her.

Xia Qinghan bit the straw bitterly, her expression a bit hideous.

While everyone was still drinking milk tea, the door opened and a manager from the company came in.

“I have some good news,” he announced with a happy expression, clapping his hands to gain their attention. “The company’s upper management has decided that starting from today, no classes will be held on Sunday afternoon. Everyone gets half a day off!”

The words startled everyone at first but cheering soon erupted from all across the room.

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