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Chapter 239: A New Boss

In fact, SY Entertainment did not restrict people from taking time off, especially trainees; it was alright if they didn’t come to class.

However, very few people actually took time off.

Everyone was working towards their industry debut. If they didn’t work hard and asked for leave often, they would be committing career suicide.

Moreover, if you asked for leave while everyone else was hard at work, who knew how many courses would have to be made up upon your return? What if other people learned something you didn’t learn during your time away?

Even if everyone knew that one or two days off was not so critical, there was still a sense of urgency from being left behind.

Some diligent trainees had never asked for leave once since they had started. Except for a few days during the Lunar New Year, they practiced hard at all times in order to try and debut early.

If people who were more talented were working hard, who dared to be so lazy?

But this time, the situation is different. The company had made a uniform decision!

When the company was on holiday, the teachers wouldn’t be in class, so they didn’t have to worry about being left behind!

After this announcement, the manager continued with a smile, “Moreover, we found that some people would try to work when they were not feeling well. This is not good! Your health is your wealth; if your health suffers, it is not worth it!”

Looking at everyone, he spoke, “In the future, if anyone doesn’t feel well, they can ask for leave from the company. Our company is very human! As for missing training, don’t worry. We will arrange for teachers to make up the lessons with you.”

These words made everyone’s faces change.

Was the company management on drugs? Why were they being so empathetic?

Everyone trembled a little, wondering what the company was thinking?

After the manager finished talking, he left with a smile, not minding anyone’s reaction.

Everyone started clamoring as soon as he left.

“What the…? Is the company crazy?”

“Did I hear him right?”

“Is today April Fools?”

“Is the company joking?”

There were a lot of comments, but the main consensus was that the company was going crazy.

“I don’t think the company is crazy. Maybe there’s a new boss!” someone suddenly said.

However, this statement did not get anyone’s approval.

A change in boss? There hadn’t been any rumors before, so how could it happen so suddenly?

It took a long time for a company to prepare for a change in boss.

Besides, the company was developing well. Why would there be a sudden change in boss?

Only Xia Qinghan had a different expression on her face.

A new boss?

Thinking about the scene she saw that morning and the changes taking place today, she thought that it was really possible!

There must be a reason for a company’s sudden change in style.

Thinking about this, she couldn’t resist it anymore, quickly walking out.

Xia Xibei looked at her leaving in a hurry, maintaining her expression. Even if the company did change its boss, it had no effect on her life.

Xia Qinghan hurried over to Bai Meixue’s office.

As soon as she entered, she asked anxiously, “Auntie Xue, has the company changed its boss?”

“How did you know?” Bai Meixue asked in surprise, “Who leaked the news?”

Although the new boss was young, he had a different, powerful aura.

He had asked everyone not to talk about the news, and to keep the status quo so no one would dare to mess around.

“The boss really changed?!” Xia Qinghan was shocked. “Is the new boss’ last name Qiao?”

“How did you know?” Bai Meixue was even more surprised by now.

Xia Qinghan was overjoyed upon receiving confirmation that her guess was correct.

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