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Chapter 237: Snack Time

Xia Qinghan was extremely curious, but she didn’t dare question Qiao Yanjue.

She could only keep walking forward, but after just two steps, she heard the elevator doors open once again.

“Mr. Qiao! You came so early!”

Her heart jumped, and when she looked back, the president of SY Entertainment was coming closer with several people.

What was this?

She felt more curious than ever but didn’t dare to get closer.

Behind her, the company president took Qiao Yanjue and his party to his office.

Xia Qinghan wasn’t sure what happened after that, but the incident stayed on her mind, causing her to be absent-minded in class.

“Xia Qinghan!” Laosha shouted at her with a frown, “What are you doing?! Can’t you concentrate?!”

Xia Qinghan was startled, but immediately recovered. “I’m sorry!”

“Learn from Xia Xibei! She’s already so good, but she’s still practicing!” Laosha instructed.

These words turned Xia Qinghan’s face grim.

Learn from Xia Xibei?

She turned her head and happened to meet Xia Xibei’s indifferent eyes, which ignited the anger within her.

She took a few deep breaths, suppressing her rage and telling herself that there was no need to compete with Xia Xibei.

However, she didn’t dare to become distracted again, or she’d be lectured.

Laosha did not have a good temper. He was the kind of person who was arrogant because of his talent, not caring if Xia Qinghan had a powerful background.

Therefore, Bai Meixue had reminded Xia Qinghan to make sure to concentrate in his class.

The most important thing was that she didn’t want Laosha to continue using Xia Xibei as an example.

After an hour and a half, the class ended, and Xia Xibei let out a sigh of relief.

Although her stomach didn’t hurt and she hadn’t moved too much, she always felt uncomfortable when both her qi and blood were deficient.

While everyone else was resting, the door opened.

“What is it?” Laosha asked with a frown.

Several workers came in, each carrying a box.

“Snack time,” one person said as the people took out the items.

Everyone became bewildered upon seeing all these exquisite cakes and milk tea.

Xia Xibei was also stunned, seeing “Jiabei Sweet” clearly printed on the cups.

This was their store’s milk tea?

Laosha was also surprised, wondering, “Did the company get rich?”

Their company could be said to be very stingy. Even if they made a lot of money, they only provided large quantities of mediocre-tasting food every day.

However, many artists had to watch their figures, so even if the company provided good food, they wouldn’t dare to try it.

“The calories in these cakes are very high. If you are afraid of getting fat, eat less of those. But these milk teas won’t make you gain weight, so you can relax while drinking them,” a staff member explained.

“Non-fattening milk tea?”

“Is this a joke? Milk tea that’s not fattening?”

Here, everyone’s goal was to debut. They all wanted to be thinner, so no one dared to touch these high-calorie foods.

“Don’t worry, these milk teas really won’t make you fat,” the staffer reassured them, “The company wouldn’t lie to you.”

Everyone finally believed it.

Someone picked-up a cup of milk tea, surprised when they saw the label and the price.

“What kind of milk tea costs 20 yuan?!”

The most expensive milk tea out there was still only 10 yuan, so why was this milk tea so expensive?

“If you drink it and don’t get fat, the price is pretty reasonable. Of course, it all depends on the taste.”


While everyone was talking, Laosha had already picked up a cup of milk tea and tried it, praising it very loudly.

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