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Chapter 236: Little Uncle

When Xia Qinghan came in from another door, she saw a figure that shocked her.

“Little Uncle?!”

She looked at the tall, elegant man in disbelief, wondering if she was seeing things.

However, the man turned around, confirming that it was really Qiao Yanjue!

Qiao Yanjue stopped, frowning in confusion. There was a cold aura around him as he asked her, “You are…?”

Xia Qinghan’s footsteps came to a halt, a little embarrassed. “I- I am Xia Qinghan, Haoming’s fiancée.”

Qiao Yanjue nodded in understanding, “Oh, it’s you.”

Qiao Yanjue was the son of Mr. Qiao’s second wife. Born to an elderly father, he was young but had a high seniority in the family.

Mr. Qiao’s first wife gave birth to two sons and a daughter, all of whom were married and now had children. Among them, the oldest grandchild was Qiao Haoming, who was 20 years old and only a few years younger than Qiao Yanjue.

Mr. Qiao had a very close relationship with the Xia family, agreeing to a marriage contract between Xia Qinghan and Qiao Haoming.

Therefore, although their age difference was very small, Xia Qinghan was considered a generation younger than Qiao Yanjue and was forced to call him uncle.

Qiao Yanjue had met Xia Qinghan several times before, but he hadn’t paid much attention to her then. After all, he had a bad relationship with his brothers.

They were all competitors for the Qiao family industry.

Among the many people in the Qiao family, Qiao Yanjue was the strongest, followed by Qiao Haoming.

Qiao Yanjue was also Mr. Qiao’s favorite. After all, Yanjue was his son and had strength.

As Qiao Haoming’s fiancée, Xia Qinghan knew about this competition between them.

Although they appeared to be a close-knit family to outsiders, the internal situation was intense.

Additionally, Qiao Yanjue was cold and abrupt, turning grim if he had a disagreement with anyone. Therefore, Xia Qinghan didn’t dare approach him.

Even though she was Qiao Haoming’s fiancée, she had no say in front of him.

But unexpectedly, Qiao Yanjue had appeared here today, making her very curious.

“Little Uncle, are you here today for…?” she asked carefully, for fear of annoying Qiao Yanjue.

Qiao Yanjue turned cold upon hearing her question, replying, “I came here to discuss something.”

Seeing his indifference, Xia Qinghan didn’t dare to ask any more questions. She smiled, “Oh, you must be busy. I won’t take up more of your time.”

“Why are you here?” Qiao Yanjue asked suddenly.

“Oh. I am a trainee at SY Entertainment.”

“SY Entertainment?” Qiao Yanjue’s expression changed slightly.

“Yes. Is there a problem?” Xia Qinghan was a little nervous.

“No,” Qiao Yanjue shook his head, “Way to go.”

Xia Qinghan was immediately flattered, exclaiming, “Okay, I will!”

The elevator arrived at that moment, so Qiao Yanjue and the others entered. Seeing that Xia Qinghan was still standing outside, he said, “Come in.”

Xia Qinghan shrank her neck and quickly nodded, “Okay!”

After entering, Xia Qinghan carefully sood to the side and held her breath, not daring to get too close to Qiao Yanjue.

She carefully glanced at Qiao Yanjue, whose aura was so powerful that her own space seemed to shrink. She marveled to herself.

She had to admit that Qiao Yanjue was really exceptional. Young, handsome, strong, and affluent. He could be the dream lover for thousands of girls! It was just that his personality was so cold and hard, and he didn’t bother to charm girls, so very few people dared to even approach him.

However, after some comparison, Xia Qinghan still felt that her own Haoming was the best!

The ride to SY Entertainment’s floor was quiet.

When the elevator door finally opened, Xia Qinghan hurried out.

But unexpectedly, after she left the elevator, Qiao Yanjue and his group followed her out.

At that point, she became very confused. What was he doing?! SY was the only company on this floor!

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