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Chapter 235: Breakfast Together

Although Qiao Yanjue had put it that way, Xia Xibei was even more determined than him.

“No need for that, I’m fine. I know my body best, so you don’t have to worry about it. If I feel unwell at any point, I’ll take a break.”

After she finished speaking, she stood up before Qiao Yanjue could say a word and sent him out of the room.

“Thanks for your help today, you should rest early too. Good night!”

As he looked at the closing door, Qiao Yanjue’s face turned dark.

This little girl was even more stubborn than he was!

However, he couldn’t force her either.

As he thought of that, Qiao Yanjue returned to his own home. He fumbled to get his phone out and started making calls.

The next day, Xia Xibei heard a knock on the door right after she finished her spiritual training.

“Time for breakfast.”

Qiao Yanjue was clad in casual clothing, looking as handsome as ever. Despite the big lunchbox in his hand, his elegance wasn’t affected in any way.

Bewildered, Xia Xibei made way for him to enter.

Qiao Yanjue headed straight for the dining table and placed the lunchbox down, taking out the food bit by bit.

Xia Xibei came over, stunned to see the food on the table.

The lunchbox was a big one, with numerous things packed in it.

Porridge, vermicelli, noodles, paus, dumplings, dough sticks, bread, milk… The dishes that people in Town G usually had for breakfast were gathered all in one place.

The amount of food that he had bought could feed at least four or five people.



Qiao Yanjue handed her a pair of chopsticks and a spoon, gently pushing her into a chair.

“You brought too much!” Xia Xibei exclaimed.

“I’ll eat with you,” Qiao Yanjue smiled. He pulled out a chair and seated himself.

“These shrimp dumplings taste really good,” Qiao Yanjue said, putting a dumpling in her bowl. “Give it a try.”

Still in a daze, Xia Xibei stuffed the food into her mouth.

The scrumptious taste of the shrimp dumpling made her finally come to her senses, demanding, “Why did you wake up so early?”

“Was it early?” Qiao Yanjue raised his brows, “You woke earlier than me, didn’t you?”

Xia Xibei was dressed in sports attire, her cheeks rosy from exercise.

“Just eat. You’re going to the company in a while, aren’t you?” Qiao Yanjue asked with a smile. “I’ll send you there after breakfast.”

“You’ll send me?” Xia Xibei nearly spat out the food in her mouth. “We’re not going in the same direction, are we?!”

Qiao Yanjue’s smile was unfaltering as he gave her another shrimp dumpling, explaining, “I’m going there to find some people.”

The realization hit Xia Xibei, but she frowned right after. “At such an early hour? Today’s a Sunday, isn’t it?”

“There’s no definite time for making money.”

These words shocked Xia Xibei even more.

The Qiao family could be considered the wealthy among the wealthy. Even though Qiao Yanjue was yet to become the master of the Qiao family, there was no need for him to grind so hard, was there?

With the Qiao family’s assets, he could live an extravagant life even without having to work.

As she thought of that, Xia Xibei couldn’t help but wonder just what kind of business deal would make him meet up with people early on a Sunday morning!

It was true that the life pursuits of the wealthy were different from commoners like her.

“Just eat.” Qiao Yanjue kept adding more and more food into her bowl.”Eat more. You really are too skinny.”

Xia Xibei remained silent.

She wished she could tell him that despite being skinny, she had all that a girl should have. Her body was a shape that many girls would be envious of!

However, the food was delicious indeed. After the spiritual training, her appetite had improved greatly.

The food that could feed so many people was eventually cleared away by the two of them.

After breakfast, Qiao Yanjue dropped Xia Xibei off at the entrance of SY Entertainment. The car took a turn and reached the other entrance of the building.


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