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Chapter 214: Milk Tea Shop Opening

Xia Xibei didn’t know what Xia Qinghan and Bai Meixue were plotting, and she didn’t have the time to care, because today was the grand opening of the milk tea shop.

After finding a location for the store, Fang Yongxin had been very involved in the store, following the progress every day.

With all her effort, the milk tea shop was finally going to open.

Saturday was when the mall was the busiest. There were many people coming and going, and a red banner attracted everyone’s attention.

Delicious and Healthy: Milk Tea that will never make you gain weight!

The slogan wasn’t exactly easy to say, but the message was very appealing.

Non-fattening milk tea? Was that a joke?

Everyone knew that milk tea was a drink high in both sugar calories, sure to make you gain weight.

Yet, the milk tea shop called “Jiabei Sweet” was using such a banner. It was false advertising!

While everyone was thinking this, after smelling the sweet scent wafting over to them, they still walked over.

Today’s grand opening offered customers a “buy one get one free” coupon for the milk tea.

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they looked at the colorful milk tea molds on the counter.

These milk teas were gorgeous!

There were a total of seven cups in shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The colors were fresh and juicy, as bright and beautiful as a starry sky, some mixed with coconut pearls. Even knowing they were molds, they were very appetizing.

“This milk tea is not fattening?” someone couldn’t resist asking.

Since people chose to drink milk tea, they were naturally prepared to gain weight.

However, this shop was advertising a non-fattening product, so everyone had to ask.

“Of course!”

The shop assistants were all beautiful, young women with smiling faces.

“Our milk tea is laboratory tested, so we can confirm that the calories and sugar content are only one-tenth of that of ordinary milk tea! It will satisfy your taste buds and there will be absolutely no weight-gain!”

The passers-by looked at each other.

Calories were one thing, but if the milk tea only had one-tenth the sugar of a normal drink, was it even milk tea? Milk tea had to be sweet!

“You mean the milk tea is not sweet?”

“No, our milk tea is very sweet!” The clerk held out small cups of milk tea for the customers to sample. “Here, try it!”

The passers-by reached out hesitantly, picking up small cups of milk tea and sipping on the drink.

After they did so, their eyes widened in shock.

It was delicious!

The milk tea had a rich, milky aroma with just the right amount of sweetness. The taste was silky, but whatever had made it that way was not greasy at all. The more you drank, the more you wanted.

“It’s delicious!”

“I really won’t get fat after drinking this?” someone with glittering eyes asked loudly.

“Absolutely not!” the clerk smiled and nodded. “It has herbs, so it is good for your health!”

“But I don’t taste any herbs…”

“Well, that is our secret recipe!”

Secret recipe or not, fattening or not, the milk tea was indeed delicious.

The milk tea also looked amazing.

Many people were intrigued when they saw others walk out with their beautiful and attractive milk tea in high-quality, exquisite cups.

And there was a “buy one get one free” offer going on today!

Soon, a long line had formed at the door.

Xia Xibei and Song Jiaren helped out in the store while wearing their hats and masks, both of them incredibly busy. When they saw the crowd outside, their smiles became brighter.

“Great!” Song Jiaren was very happy. “Everyone loves it!”

She was confident there would be a lot of repeat customers!

Half an hour later, news came from the front that there were two large takeout orders, each of which was more than 100 cups of milk tea!

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