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Chapter 213: Top Student Image

Bai Meixue had never expected Xia Xibei to join this company.

However, Xia Xibei wouldn’t be able to control things after she joined.

“Don’t worry. No matter how powerful she is, without the stage, she can’t show anything!” Bai Meixue comforted Xia Qinghan. “Also, you must remember that you and she are not from the same world! Don’t compare yourself to her, do you understand?”

Bai Meixue’s face was stern, speaking very seriously.

It was the first time Xia Qinghan had seen Bai Meixue being so serious and awe-inspiring, so she nodded obediently, “Yes, I understand.”

After being comforted by Bai Meixue, Xia Qinghan finally calmed down.

Right! Why was she comparing herself to Xia Xibei?

It didn’t matter if Xia Xibei was amazing. What was the point if she didn’t have any opportunities or a stage?!

Wasn’t this industry full of people who had talent but no opportunities, who had no choice but to leave in resignation?!

“Don’t worry. I will plan everything for you,” Bai Meixue said softly, caressing Xia Qinghan’s head lovingly

“Yes. Thanks, Auntie Xue,” Xia Qinghan nodded docilely.

“However, you can’t fall behind in your studies,” Bai Meixue continued. “We are going to build you up as a top student character, so you must maintain your grades.”

“Top student?” Xia Qinghan asked in surprise.

“That’s right,” Bai Meixue nodded. “Many stars have their character settings. You have to follow the most popular route when the time comes. Being a top student is the most popular.”

Being a top student was not only great for getting student fans, but it appealed to parents as well!

Every parent hoped that their children would find a positive role model.

A top student idol not only enabled kids to like them, the image pleased their parents as well.

If the parents were satisfied, it improved the purchasing power of the students as well, since their spending money was controlled by their parents.

“I understand,” Xia Qinghan nodded, a little proud. “That isn’t a problem. My grades have always been great.”

“Of course, I know that,” Bai Meixue smiled and tapped her nose. “That’s why I am going to create this persona.”

She knew Xia Qinghan better than everyone; of course she knew the best way.

“By the way, there will be an answering competition show coming up. I am going to sign you up.”

“Answering competition?” Xia Qinghan was taken aback for a moment. “What is it?”

“The show is called ‘Million Dollar Wisdom and Courage,’ and you answer questions to pass levels,” Bai Meixue explained. “The topics are not difficult, but they do cover a lot of areas.”

“Is this show… Does it have good ratings?”

“It’s not on yet. What ratings do you want?” Bai Meixue gave her a scornful look.

“But, the ratings for this type of show…” Xia Qinghan’s expression was mixed.

This kind of question-answering program usually didn’t have good ratings because they usually weren’t that interesting.

“Don’t worry, you are just going on for a bit. It’s good for creating your image.”

As long as Xia Qinghan performed well on this show, they could hire online commenters and marketing accounts to make her top student image go viral.


Xia Qinghan finally understood, immediately smiling brilliantly.

“So, after you go back, you have to study hard for me. Then you can be confident when you go on the show.”

“Is… Is there no question bank?” Xia Qinghan hesitated.

“Not for the time being,” Bai Meixue shook her head. “If necessary, we will prepare one when the time comes.”


After talking to Bai Meixue for half an hour, Xia Qinghan’s mood had improved greatly.

So what if Xia Xibei performed really well? Did she have anyone to plan everything for her?

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