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Chapter 215: Who Are You?

“A big order?”

Song Jiaren became excited.

This area had a lot of office buildings, most of them filled with companies.

These companies usually ordered afternoon tea, which always included milk tea, cake, fruit, etc.

It could be said that stores nearby often had bulk orders.

But Song Jiaren didn’t think a big order like that would come this quickly!

Fang Yongxin came to the back of the store. She was just as happy.

“Yes, big orders!”

Fang Yongxin managed the milk tea shop, so she was overjoyed about the orders.

“One is for a large beauty salon near here. The other is for a company upstairs,” she explained.

“I didn’t think that we would become popular so soon!” Song Jiaren was very excited. Her hands kept working, very skilled.

She had not done chores at home before, but when she got here, she showed her superior hands-on skills.

This made Fang Yongxin think that maybe Jiaren should do more chores at home?

“It’s our opening day, so we have a “buy one get one free” offer going on. Maybe that’s why they are interested.”

Although Fang Yongxin was happy, she did not exaggerate the situation.

“As long as they drink it, we can keep them coming back to us!” Xia Xibei stated proudly.

“Exactly!” Song Jiaren took the time to applaud. “We can definitely keep them!”

Their delicious milk tea would definitely keep everyone around.

Who didn’t like drinking milk tea that was non-fattening, delicious, and healthy too? Especially office workers. They would absolutely be interested.

After a busy afternoon, Song Jiaren was exhausted. She walked out of the back of the store, taking off her mask and hat.

“What are you doing here?” a surprised voice sounded.

Song Jiaren looked over and hesitantly asked, “You are…?”

A slender young woman, less than 160 cm tall, was in front of her. She had beautiful eyes, but there was a trace of sadness in her expression, inviting pity.

She wore a white dress that outlined her slim waist, which was narrow and looked easily breakable.

Just this one glance made Song Jiaren dislike her.

She definitely liked people with straight-forward personalities. This girl looked moody and sentimental; she wasn’t her type of person.

Although she didn’t know who this girl was.

The girl looked at Song Jiaren in surprise, asking in return, “Do you work here?”

Song Jiaren was wearing an apron with “Jiabei Sweet” printed on it. Although she had lost a lot of weight, she still looked much bigger than ordinary people.

The difference was especially obvious when compared with this girl.

“You know me?”

Song Jiaren frowned, thinking that the girl’s tone was a little strange.

“I know you,” the girl nodded, “You’re Little Qi’s friend.”

“Little Qi?”

Song Jiaren was taken aback. It took her awhile to realize she was talking about Yu Ziqi. Through Xia Xibei, Song Jiaren had also gotten to know Yu Ziqi.

Yu Ziqi was thinner than Song Jiaren, but he was still fat. The two of them were quite eye-catching together.

Moreover, Yu Ziqi had a very simple personality, so he got along well with them.

“Who are you?” Song Jiaren asked with a frown.

“My name is Zheng Xiaowen. I am Little Qi’s deskmate at school, and also the neighbor who grew up with him.” Zheng Xiaowen said softly, her face slightly lowered.

Song Jiaren frowned. Those words sounded a little odd.

However, she didn’t overthink it and continued to ask, “Did you want to buy some milk tea?”

“I was just passing by,” Zheng Xiaowen smiled in reply. “So you work here?” Raising her voice, she added, “But I thought that the milk tea here didn’t make you fat?”

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