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Chapter 209: The Birth of a Queen

Everyone only recovered from their petrified state when the music from the next song began to play.

When they recalled Xia Xibei’s performance, however, they couldn’t help but inhale a sharp breath.

She had really managed to complete the dance!

No, they should not say that. She had managed to replicate it perfectly!

Her moves, her strength, those angles… They were all identical to Laosha’s!

Due to the difference in body shape, however, her moves seemed way more unique and charming; they just couldn’t take their eyes off of her!

The trainees were at a loss for words for a long time, but Laosha’s stupefaction was in no way less than theirs.

Compared to the inexperienced trainees, Laosha saw so much more from the dance, as he was the choreographer.

This was a rather explosive dance, requiring sufficient strength to express correctly.

While Xia Qinghan was dancing just now, she had only managed to touch the bare surface of the dance. Her moves were soft and feathery, which didn’t quite bring out the beauty.

But Xia Xibei was a whole different story.

She danced with adequate strength!

No! To be more precise, she managed to replicate the same amount of strength he had!

In the midst of his daze, Laosha felt as if he was watching himself in the mirror. Every raise of her hand and every lift of her leg seemed so familiar!

Despite her skinny, feeble appearance, Xia Xibei’s strength was extraordinary!

Her moves were on point and in time, her eyes ferocious and tempting… If she was on stage, fans would scream with madness!

This was clearly a queen born for the stage!

“How was it?”

Xia Xibei’s words brought everyone back to reality, pulling them out of their deep shock.

Right now, all of them were wearing the same inexplicable expressions on their faces.

Shock, surprise, reverence, envy, jealousy, adoration… With so many different emotions entangled in their hearts at once, their faces were on the verge of distortion.

Such prodigies actually existed! They had just witnessed the birth of a prodigy with their very own eyes!

“Great! Amazing!”

Laosha’s forbearance was much better than theirs. He came back to his senses immediately, clapping his hands.

With him in the lead, everyone else started clapping along too.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The sound of applause got louder and louder.

“Absolutely wonderful!” Laosha applauded while singing her praises. “I didn’t expect you to dance so well!”

Xia Xibei had concealed her ferocity by this time and was now acting rather bashful.

“Thank you.”

“How many years have you been dancing for?”

During the warm-up a while ago, Laosha did not ask that question despite Xia Xibei’s outstanding performance.

However, now he felt that he had to ask.

“Me?” Xia Xibei pointed at herself and shook her head, “I didn’t start dancing until I was seventeen.”

She wasn’t lying. She had never danced before the age of “seventeen.”

During her previous life, she had only started dancing in her twenties.

Due to her late beginning, she had expended a great amount of effort in order to keep up with the rest.

In fact, she was born with artistic talents, but she hadn’t had an opportunity to express it in the past. Later, it would only take her a few years to have shocking accomplishments.

In other words, it was all because of her past efforts that she could perform with such ease now.

As a matter of fact, what she had done right now could really be considered bullying. Her situation was truly extraordinary, after all.

However, it was Xia Qinghan who had just been bullied.

How would the others know what she had been through? They were instantly horrified upon hearing that she hadn’t learnt dancing before.

“You’re kidding!” Laosha’s eyes went extremely wide, staring at Xia Xibei in disbelief. “You’re lying to me, aren’t you?!”

The others were all having the same thoughts. If someone who hadn’t learnt dancing before could put on such a fabulous performance, then they really were pretty rubbish, weren’t they?

“What’s the point of lying to you guys?” Xia Xibei shrugged.

All of them were petrified once again, realizing that she wasn’t kidding.

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