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Chapter 208: I’m Better than Her

Upon seeing Xia Xibei step out, Xiaoshi and Nini couldn’t help but frown in distaste, whispering to each other.

“What’s she trying to do? Steal the spotlight from Qinghan?”

“Haha! How can it be that easy? Let’s see her embarrass herself!”

Just who did Xia Xibei think she was? Was she someone who could compare herself to Xia Qinghan?

Although Xia Xibei sang well and could do splits, those things did not really mean anything.

Would she still be so proud of herself when she started dancing for real?

It took a long period of training to dance well! Xia Xibei had just come in, so did she really think she was that amazing?

Apart from the two of them, many others were having the same thoughts.

The dance had only been demonstrated twice, if Xia Qinghan’s performance was counted. Could Xia Xibei really manage to do the complete dance?

Considering the strife between Xia Xibei and Xia Qinghan, however, everyone knew her intention.

It was clear that she couldn’t stand how Xia Qinghan was getting all the attention!

However, one had to be competent if they wanted to suppress someone else! Otherwise, this would just be downright shameful for her!

Filled with complicated emotions, everyone watched as Xia Xibei made her way to the center.

“You wanna try too?” Laosha looked at her with raised eyebrows.


“You think you’ve mastered it?”


Laosha’s interest was piqued by her concise replies, so he decided to throw more questions at her.

“How well do you think you’ve mastered it?”

“Very well.”

Everyone around her couldn’t help but sneer with disdain upon hearing her words, some scowling while others pouted in distaste.

“How well do you think you can do then, when compared to her?” Laosha kept asking.

“Better than her.”

The others burst into an uproar.

How audacious of her!

How dare she claim to be better than Xia Qinghan before she even started dancing! She was absolutely shameless, wasn’t she?!

But Laosha was extremely amused.

“You have that much confidence in yourself?”

“Of course.”

Xia Xibei also noticed the way Laosha was expecting her to make a fool of herself. However, not only did she not shrink back in fear, she grew even more confident instead.

“You’ll see if I’m good or not when I begin dancing in a while.”

God damn it! How flagrant and unrepentant!

The faces of the trainees around her had become distorted.

Her bragging was incredible! It was as though she was already the queen of dance!

Originally, they didn’t have much of an impression of her. All they knew was that she had some bad blood with Xia Qinghan.

However, that didn’t give her permission to behave so blatantly and audaciously, did it?

A competent person showing off was confident, but an incompetent person showing off was simply stupid!

Did she look forward to being ridiculed that much?

As though she couldn’t see the looks of contempt on the others’ faces, Xia Xibei looked towards Laosha, asking him, “Teacher, shall we begin?”

“Sure, let’s begin.”

Laosha did not question her further, playing the music instead. “I hope your performance won’t let us down.”

Xia Xibei’s clear, confident voice sounded as the prelude began, “Rest assured, I won’t let you down!”

Then Xia Xibei started moving.

As her arms swung abruptly, changes began to unfold. In the meantime, her legs were placed in a different position.

As the music played, it was as if Xia Xibei’s moves had shaken the gates in everyone’s heart, awakening their souls.

Their eyes couldn’t help but widen in wonder as they watched Xia Xibei’s slender figure closely.

The music gradually quickened and Xia Xibei’s moves sped up alongside it, hitting every beat with marvelous accuracy.

The trainees felt as if they were watching Laosha’s dancing figure, but Xia Xibei was skinnier than Laosha, and so much more beautiful than him too.

Her soft, slim waist swayed with strength, her arms and legs moved in beautiful harmony, her hair fluttered in the air, and her fierce glance swept across the room…

It all formed a charming, enthralling picture that no one could tear their eyes away from.

When Xia Xibei finally stopped, the entire room was absolutely silent!

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