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Chapter 210: An Outrageous Existence

So this was the first time she had danced?!

She was totally kidding, wasn’t she?!

No one dared believe what Xia Xibei had just said. Just how inhuman would someone have to be to learn things at such a terrifying speed?

Xia Qinghan looked even more awful, with her face both flushed and pale at the same time, as if someone had just slapped her face.

She had been proud of her performance just moments ago, but Xia Xibei had given her a brutal slap on the face!

She had always thought that dancing would give Xia Xibei a hard time, as she had never learnt it before.

Xia Xibei had never learnt dancing, indeed, but who would have thought that it would be completely effortless to her?!

Anyone who wasn’t blind could see the difference between the two of them.

The trainees were wearing looks of shock and fascination on their faces. Even Laosha was looking at Xia Xibei with undisguised obsession in his eyes!

“She’s more than just a scholar; she’s a goddess!”

“That’s freaking heavenly, isn’t it?!”

“I thought monsters couldn’t become gods?!”

As she listened to people’s adoring comments about Xia Xibei, Xia Qinghan felt like her heart had plummeted into an ice-cold chasm, her limbs numb and her tongue bitter.

“Alright, stop talking!” Laosha was the teacher, so he brought everyone’s attention back to him with a clap of his hands. “Let’s start practicing!”


The others nodded, but their eyes remained glued to Xia Xibei.

This time around, no one could recall their contempt towards her. All that was left was apprehension, envy, and reverence.

If they had such a horrifying ability in learning, they could debut anytime soon, couldn’t they?

They couldn’t help but lament within. Why did people like her even exist? Putting her good looks aside, just why was she so amazing at everything? Would anyone else even make it out alive?!

“Focus!” Laosha shouted, a scowl on his face. “Don’t get distracted if you aren’t as great as her!”

Their hearts went cold for a second and their faces flushed red. Quickly pulling their scattered thoughts back together, they concentrated on the dance practice.

He was right! They weren’t bestowed with talents like Xia Xibei’s. If they didn’t work hard, they would end up being nothing at all!

Besides, demons like her were rare in this world. They shouldn’t compare themselves with pervs like her!

Many of them channeled their sorrow and rage into motivation, watching Laosha’s moves closely. They couldn’t afford to be distracted now.

Laosha nodded in satisfaction when he saw their efforts.

It wasn’t a bad thing to have an outrageous existence like Xia Xibei work beside them. At least it would make them understand that there were mountains beyond mountains. Without hard work, they would be eliminated sooner or later.

When he turned around to look, Laosha was even more satisfied.

Despite Xia Xibei’s impressive performance, she was still practicing intently along with the rhythm.

And much to their surprise, her dance moves changed every time she practiced.

As the music flowed, her moves became more precise, even adding a touch of uniqueness to her dancing.

She had only been replicating the dance a short while ago, leaving everyone flabbergasted by her terrifying learning ability.

Right now, however, her moves were even more unbridled and eye-catching, the look in her eyes growing even more mesmerizing.

Her moves were tough and attractive earlier, but now that she was dancing in a more mellow way without losing her strength, she was even more gripping.

The look in Laosha’s eyes showed that he was getting more and more impressed.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t met prodigies before, but prodigies like Xia Xibei were far too rare!

He considered himself a genius, but in front of Xia Xibei, he didn’t even have the strength to retaliate!

Just imagine how spectacular a scene an outrageous genius like her would make in the days to come!

Although the others were focused on their practice, they could still see Xia Xibei’s moves in the mirror, their attention inevitably captured by her as time went on.

When everyone finally came to their senses, only Xia Xibei and Xia Qinghan were left dancing to the rhythm.

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