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Chapter 207: Learnt the Moves

She had mastered the dance?

Everyone’s attention was captured at once, turning to look at Xia Qinghan in deep shock.

This dance wasn’t simple at all. In fact, it was rather complicated. A lot of the moves seemed attractive, but they weren’t easy to achieve. Besides, some of the moves were particularly tough, requiring a few rounds of practice to memorize.

But Xia Qinghan was claiming that she had mastered it already. Wasn’t that an exaggeration?

Laosha looked at Xia Qinghan, asking with a scowl, “Do you mean you’ve watched it clearly or you’ve mastered it?”

They weren’t the same thing at all.

“I have memorized all the moves,” Xia Qinghan clarified, adding in a serious manner, “Of course, some of the moves might not be perfect, and I might require a few more rounds of practice.”

Her honest words put a smile on Laosha’s face.

He would have been mad if she claimed to have mastered it thoroughly.

Anyway, he did not believe that anyone could learn something at such a terrifying speed.

Therefore, he was glad that she had the courage to bring up her own weakness.

“Well then, give it a try.”


With looks of envy and jealousy pinned on her, Xia Qinghan shot Xia Xibei a glance, then puffed up her chest and lifted her chin before walking to the center.

Everyone made way for her as Laosha replayed the music, stating, “You may start.”

The music began and Xia Qinghan took a deep breath, starting to move her body with the beat.

When she finished, all of them couldn’t help but applaud.

Xiaoshi and Nini were applauding and cheering and whistling with all their might, shouting out, “Amazing!”

It turned out that she really had memorized Laosha’s moves! She was replicating them almost perfectly!

That was totally spectacular, wasn’t it?!

Sure enough, like Xia Qinghan herself had said, she had learnt many of the moves only superficially, so her strength and other aspects were neither accurate nor perfect at the moment.

However, ordinary people couldn’t memorize all the dance moves the first time the way she had done.

Just imagine how powerful her memory was!

The others would have taken at least two or three times to memorize all the moves.

“She really is a scholar! Her memory is remarkable!”

“Scholars will be scholars!”

“Absolutely amazing!”

“I have no idea how many times it would take me to memorize the moves!”

Their compliments almost made Xia Qinghan lose control of her joy, her lips curving upwards.

“Not bad, indeed,” Laosha nodded too, a small smile on his lips. “You did memorize all the basic moves, but there are still a lot of moves that need to be perfected.”

“I get it. I’ll definitely practise hard,” Xia Qinghan nodded seriously with a respectful look on her face.

Laosha felt good when he saw her serious attitude.

As a tutor, his biggest fear was coming across slow-witted, dense students. He would throw up blood if he had to teach them more than a few times!

It was great to have clever students like her; the more the better!

In fact, Xia Qinghan had only managed to imitate the surface, but not the core. She had been doing soft, graceful dances from a young age, so she wasn’t quite impressive at dances that required strength, like this one did.

However, Laosha was satisfied enough to see such a performance on her first attempt.

Feeling happy, Laosha couldn’t help but ask, “Did anyone else master it too?”

Of course, it was a random question once again. People like Xia Qinghan, who was able to master the moves on their first try, were few and far between.

The others exchanged glances, seeming rather timid and hesitant.

They had only managed to memorize some of the moves. Although Xia Qinghan had repeated it a while ago, they still hadn’t memorized it completely.

Laosha’s glance swept across all the trainees, not having high expectations to begin with.

“Well then, let us…”

“Teacher, I’ll give it a try!”

Everyone turned around to look, meeting Xia Xibei’s beautiful eyes.

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