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Chapter 206: Amazing Flexibility

Xia Qinghan wasn’t the only one watching Xia Xibei; everyone else was too.

What did good looks account for? Competence said it all!

Therefore, everyone was still keeping an eye on Xia Xibei while busy with the warm-up.

And then their jaws dropped once again!

The splits and squats that gave everyone else a hard time were a piece of cake as far as Xia Xibei was concerned!

The trainees around Xia Xibei felt a surge of dizziness when they saw Xia Xibei lower her body in a flash—and then she did it again!

Her long, pretty legs split in two directions, sitting steadily on the floor in the next second!

The trainees behind her couldn’t help but step back a little. Her legs were too long, so they had no choice but to make room for her.

Then they took a look at her face. She seemed to be at complete ease, her expression showing no sign of agony.

Everyone’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.

“You’ve trained before?” Curious, Laosha asked her as he walked up to her.

“You can say that,” Xia Xibei lied without any change in her expression. “I train once in a while when I’m at home.”

The others’ lips were twitching.

How could anyone be so great at this just by training at home? What a joke!

However, great flexibility really wasn’t something that anyone could have just by envying others.

“Press forward,” Laosha said.

“Sure,” Xia Xibei nodded. Her upper body toppled forward, her slim waist pressed straight onto her thigh and her head leaning against her shin.

The others felt as though they were being torn apart.

Although they had been training for a long period of time, their flexibility simply wasn’t as great as Xia Xibei’s. It was too much of a challenge to complete the move perfectly.

“Very good,” Laosha nodded with satisfaction. “Come on, switch your moves!”

Everyone hurriedly switched their moves, all of them bustling.

When the warm-up ended, all of them felt as if their joints had been dislocated and reassembled, sweating profusely.

But then they took a look at Xia Xibei. She looked completely at ease, and there was hardly any sweat on her.

They couldn’t quite describe their feelings. If they hadn’t been training together, they would have thought that she was goofing off or using shortcuts!

However, great flexibility didn’t mean much!

Dancing required the coordination of rhythm, moves, and limbs. Moreover, strength was also a crucial component.

With her skinny arms and legs, she surely didn’t have much strength.

When the real deal began, she would know how hard it truly was!

“Alright, I’ll begin by demonstrating once.”

Laosha turned on the music and moved his arms and legs. The instant the prelude sounded, he began dancing with the rhythm.

All of the trainees watched Laosha closely, fearing that they might miss one of the moves.

Laosha was a very strict coach. Anyone who didn’t pay full attention would be berated terribly.

Furthermore, the moves that he taught were brilliant, but difficult to master. Anyone who didn’t follow the rhythm closely would lag behind.

Everyone was striving to be better than before, in the hopes that they could debut as soon as possible. Who would dare to be careless at this point?

Xia Xibei was standing at the back, watching Laosha’s moves with a relaxed look on her face. She had memorized all his moves by heart.

It was no wonder that the company had hired Laosha as the dance tutor, even with his high pay. His moves were brisk, sharp, and attractive, wasting no time. Every move he made was brilliant and on point, which made people want to move along with the music.

The other trainees held their breaths as they watched his moves closely, their eyes shimmering with envy and adoration.

If they could dance that way, it would never be hard to gain fans!

Two minutes later, the music stopped and Laosha came to a gradual halt as well, panting softly.

“Are you clear now?”

Of course, he was just randomly asking, not expecting a real response. He wasn’t that perverse, to the point that he expected them to master the moves simply by watching it once.

Much to his surprise, however, Xia Qinghan stepped forth.

“Yes, I am!”

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