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Chapter 205: Warm-up for Dance

The next class was dance. The company had employed a world renown dance tutor, one who was proficient in many types of dances and had coached many singers before.

It was a young man who seemed to be in his twenties whom everyone called Laosha. With a tall, slender build, he wasn’t exactly a handsome guy, but his chubby face was pretty adorable.

He was dressed in a cool hip hop-style outfit with a cap lowered over his face. Upon stepping inside, he couldn’t help but raise his brows, “Yo, we have a newcomer today?”

“Nice to meet you, teacher. My name is Xia Xibei,” Xia Xibei responded with a smile.

“You’re really pretty, young lady.”

Laosha’s eyes shone when Xia Xibei smiled, and he couldn’t help but compliment her.

The others’ faces darkened, looking at Xia Xibei with displeasure in their eyes.

Although Laosha was in his thirties, his chubby face made him look young. He had been a tutor here for a few years now and had seen many trainees come and go. However, he had never made such remarks to anyone in the past.

Although the students in the room were all good-looking, he only praised Xia Xibei, which roused dissatisfaction from the others.

Meanwhile, Laosha wasn’t bothered at all. He found the young lady very beautiful indeed.

Apart from her good looks, her temperament stood out as well. Even among a big group of good-looking youngsters, she was still the special one who captured people’s attention at first glance.

Her body was well-built too, with long arms and slender legs, but they didn’t make her look disproportionate in any way.

To be a celebrity, and more importantly, a celebrity whom many adored, it took more than just good looks, but also certain distinguishing features!

There were so many beautiful guys and girls out there, the most important thing was to make people remember them at first sight!

Xia Xibei had done well in the context of being “unique.”

Although he knew that the rest of them were unhappy, Laosha didn’t care.

And sure enough, neither did he care how much trouble he had potentially caused Xia Xibei.

It was the entertainment industry that they were dealing with, so the public’s love and hatred were inevitable. If they couldn’t get over such trivial problems, they’d better pack up and go home.

“Alright, let the class begin!”

After offering Xia Xibei the quick compliment, Laosha quickly shifted his thoughts.

“Let’s do a warm-up first.”

As he spoke, he demonstrated the moves.

Despite their displeasure, the trainees quickly dispersed and began doing the warm-up stretches.

Xia Qinghan stood in a conspicuous spot, but one that certainly wouldn’t be missed, and began warming up.

She had been dancing for many years, so she could easily manage many moves that others found difficult with her soft, flexible body.

“One, two three, four, two, two, three, four, three, two, three, four…”

Laosha clapped out the rhythm and made them move along to it.

With a hint of a smile on her lips, Xia Qinghan did a thorough split.

A few low grunts sounded out from the surroundings. It wasn’t an easy split at all! And for those with rigid bodies, it was practically killing them!

As she listened to the agonized grunts surrounding her, Xia Qinghan felt happy.

“Not bad, keep it up.”

Laosha walked in front of her, nodding with a smile.

“Thank you, teacher,” Xia Qinghan replied with a smile.

Laosha made his way to the back and she couldn’t help but turn to look as well. Xia Xibei was at the back, and she wondered how she was doing.

This was Xia Xibei’s first lesson, so could she manage such a difficult stretch on the first try?

Even though Laosha looked friendly and amiable, he was known for his strictness! He never spared anyone for mercy, be it a guy or a girl!

Once, someone wasn’t able to do a split, so he pressed the person down by force!

She wondered how badly Xia Xibei would cry in a short while, when her bones became stiff!

As she thought of that scene, Xia Qinghan turned to look, but was flabbergasted instead!

Xia Xibei had managed to do the split!

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