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Chapter 204: Out-of-the-world Imagination

“Something’s not right!” Xiaoshi exclaimed all of a sudden.

“What’s wrong? Why do you say so?” Xia Qinghan asked hastily, her heart skipping a beat.

“Why do I find this incident so strange?” Xiaoshi was wearing a look of suspicion on her face.

“How is it strange?”

“Just think about it! That person was Xia Xibei’s good friend, so she should be helping her! Why did she show up out of nowhere and accuse her of stealing that bracelet?”

Nini scowled too, “You’re right, that is weird. If they really were good friends, she wouldn’t have done that!”

“Let’s sort it out properly.” Xiaoshi put on a solemn look as she declared, “Let’s not look at the process, but focus on the outcome instead! The person who benefited most from the incident in the end should be the mastermind!”

The realization hit them the moment her words came out.

“Right!” Nini nodded right away, “That’s why I find it so strange! So it was all just a show written and directed and acted out by the same people!”

“Xia Xibei must have colluded with that person to defame you!” Xiaoshi was outraged. “They had been singing a duet all along!”

“Certainly!” Nini nodded heavily. “They were purposely putting you in a bad position!”

They had seen things like that way too often.

Such things were very common in the entertainment industry, most of which were publicized by the artists themselves.

They started by playing the victim, and when they managed to gain popularity after the big fuss, people would even pity them for being victimized!

But who would have known that the perpetrator did not even exist in the first place?! It was all just a show they had written to gain sympathy from the people!

Having seen these types of things too often, the two of them couldn’t help but begin their own conspiracy theory.

It seemed to them that it was a show put on by Xia Xibei and her friend to lure Xia Qinghan into the trap!

In the end, people would think that it was Xia Qinghan who tried to throw dirt on Xia Xibei’s name!

Therefore, Xia Xibei could even demand an apology from Xia Qinghan in a righteous manner.

Just the thought of it made their hairs stand on end!

As she listened to their theory, Xia Qinghan almost couldn’t conceal the smile at the corners of her lips.

Her intention was simply to steer herself clear from anything related to the matter. She hadn’t expected them to complete the story with their own imagination!

Indeed, people who had spent enough time in the industry had a tendency to complicate simple matters.

However, why would she argue against it when what they were saying gave her the upper hand?

“Haih, I’m not really sure what’s real and what’s not,” she heaved a sigh, “But the incident put us on bad terms, and now she’s treating me like a foe…”

“What do you have to care about!” Nini cut her off furiously. “You have nothing to be guilty about! You should be mad! It was your reputation that they destroyed!”

“Yes!” Xiaoshi nodded along, “You’d better not go near her. Be careful not to get eaten up!”

“Right! We don’t have such wicked minds; we could all get fooled so easily.”

Looking at their righteous manners, Xia Qinghan nodded, “Alright, I know.”

At the other end of the classroom, Xia Xibei’s ears pricked up and she retrieved her spiritual power. Her face was expressionless, but she was totally speechless at heart.

She never would have thought that those two girls would be even more naive and stupid than Liu Zhijing and Tao Yueying!

Their imaginations were out of this world! How did they even come to such a conclusion?!

With those brains, if they kept sticking with Xia Qinghan, they would be eaten whole in no time!

It was truly a tragedy that people with such brains made it into the entertainment industry, wasn’t it?

Xia Xibei raised her brows and shot a look at the two girls glaring at her from a distance, flashing them a bright smile.

Let your big sister save you with my heart of gold this time!

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