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Chapter 203: It’s All a Misunderstanding

For the subsequent classes, everyone had become a little absent-minded.

Xia Xibei’s looks alone had given them enough to worry about, but no one had expected her competence to be so nerve-racking too.

Those who had thought that their voices were great fell silent the moment Xia Xibei started singing.

It was clearly the same song, but why did it sound so different when Xia Xibei sang it?!

They were left with no strength to retaliate at all!

Xia Qinghan’s face had turned very pale.

Never in a million years had she expected Xia Xibei to have such a great voice!

She had thought that Xia Xibei was bound to embarrass herself in front of everyone, but who would have seen her splendid show coming?!

As she recalled Xia Xibei’s performance, her nails dug deep into her palms, to the point that they almost drew blood.

Luckily, everyone’s attention was focused on Xia Xibei at the moment, so no one noticed her unusual behavior.

Xia Qinghan only managed to regain her calm towards the end of the class.

The next class was dance class, which she had the most confidence in.

Xia Qinghan had begun to learn dancing from a young age. After so many years of training, she had a soft figure and her dance moves were beautiful.

Although some of the trainees had been training for a year or two, no one could compare to her.

This time, she would show Xia Xibei the difference between them!

During the breaks, a lot less people showed up beside Xia Qinghan, with only Xiaoshi and Nini left.

After all, the words that Xia Xibei had said a short while ago were still fresh in their minds.

“Qinghan, about what Xia Xibei said just now…” Xiaoshi brought up gingerly.

With a look of grievance, Xia Qinghan shook her head, “I never thought she had so much hostility towards me!”

“What actually happened? She was falsely accusing you, wasn’t she?”

“In fact, the whole thing was all a misunderstanding!” Xia Qinghan explained in a helpless manner. “We were both deceived by the same person!”

“Deceived?” Both of them were shocked. “How did you get deceived?”

“Previously, a good friend of mine lost her bracelet, and someone said that Xia Xibei might have stolen it. The one who said that was a close friend of Xia Xibei. Although we doubted it, we still went to ask her about it. We didn’t actually plan to make a big deal out of it, as we were all batchmates. However, that girl insisted that the bracelet was in Xia Xibei’s bag. So in the end, we had no choice but to search her bag.”

“What happened next?”

“Then we found the bracelet in that girl’s bag!”

At that point, Xia Qinghan put on an enraged look.

“Only then did we realize that the girl was making a fool out of us! A few days later, that girl dropped out of school.”

“What?” they exclaimed, their jaws dropping.

“Yea, that girl was way too much! She fooled us all!” Xia Qinghan was so mad that her cheeks were flushed red now. “She was good friends with Xia Xibei, so why would we doubt her when she stood up to testify? But who knew…”

“Was she really good friends with Xia Xibei?” Nini was doubtful, “Good friends wouldn’t do such things to each other, would they?”

“How am I supposed to know what had happened between them? I just heard somewhere that the reason they had fallen out with each other was because of a guy.”

“They were love rivals?!”

“Shh! Don’t speak so loud!” Xia Qinghan stopped them in a hurry. “It was just a rumor that I heard, I’m not really sure.”

Sighing, she continued, “But no matter what, we had all been fooled. And I happened to fall sick after that, and so I didn’t get a chance to apologize to Xia Xibei. That’s why things turned out this way.”

“So it wasn’t your fault at all!” Xiaoshi said with fury. “It was trouble that this so-called good friend of Xia Xibei invited, wasn’t it?!”

“Right! Birds of a feather flock together. Xia Xibei can’t be totally innocent either!”

Nini was equally mad.

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