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Chapter 202: Breathtaking Voice

Everyone knew that Jiang Wei’s hearing was superb, able to identify mistakes amongst numerous voices.

Hence, even though no one noticed the problem, all of them felt that she was right when she stated that there was a mistake.

However, who was the one that had sung incorrectly?

All of them couldn’t help but turn to look at Xia Xibei.

Even with all eyes focused on her, Xia Xibei kept her composure, showing no sign of guilt.

Jiang Wei’s glance swept across each and every student in the room before finally calling out, “The newbie, come here!”

She didn’t even address her by her name, which clearly showed how much distaste she had for Xia Xibei!

Some of them couldn’t help but sympathize with Xia Xibei. Her upcoming days would be tough now that she had offended the teacher immediately after joining the class!

However, what on earth had she done to offend her?

Xia Xibei stepped forth with all eyes pinned on her.


Xia Xibei was wearing a calm, placid expression that showed no sign of nerves, which made Jiang Wei feel even worse.

However, she did not erupt right away, instead commanding, “Sing it again right now, on your own this time!”

“Sure,” Xia Xibei nodded.

Jiang Wei sat down and started playing the piano.

The sound of the piano began to flow out, starting from the low notes.

Xia Xibei opened her mouth and sang along.


Jiang Wei felt chills cascading down her spine. This voice…

Despite being stupefied, she did not stop what she was doing, increasing the span of the notes instead.

Very soon, everyone was deep in shock.

They had realized that Xia Xibei’s gamut was extremely broad!

At the point where most people would usually begin to struggle, she could still handle the notes with complete ease!

How was that even possible?!

Their jaws dropped and their mouths got wider and wider as she sang, feeling as if they were at the brink of suffocation.

In the end, when Jiang Wei finally stopped, every single person in the room was in a daze.

Just how broad was Xia Xibei’s gamut?

She had amazing control over both low and high notes!

Moreover, everyone could hear that her voice was clear and mellow, singing all the notes clean and beautifully.

Her voice… It was a brilliant gift from the heavens!

The scene was dead silent, everyone left speechless.

Jiang Wei fell silent as well. Her lips moved for a second, but she did not say a single word.

Xia Xibei’s performance was absolutely breathtaking. There was no way she could be the one who sang it wrong earlier!

Jiang Wei had mixed feelings.

She admitted that she had some pre-existing bias.

She was friends with Bai Meixue, and not long ago, Bai Meixue brought up Xia Xibei to her, claiming that the girl was ill-intentioned and lacked competence. She even said that the girl had come in through shady means.

Jiang Wei had always had a strong distaste for people like that. Therefore, she decided to teach Xia Xibei a lesson.

Xia Xibei did not get it wrong just now. Although her voice was a little soft, she had sung it correctly.

She was only trying to put Xia Xibei under pressure by claiming that she had sung incorrectly.

She had originally thought that Xia Xibei would begin to make mistakes under the pressure, allowing Jiang Wei to criticize her.

But who would have expected her to put on such a breathtaking performance?!

Jiang Wei couldn’t even get the critical words out now!

Although she was the teacher, the students would doubt her if she blatantly lied like that.

After all, they were no longer toddlers, easily deceived by the teachers.

Besides, she was very fond of Xia Xibei’s voice.

What kind of songs could she handle with an outstanding voice and such a wide gamut? With her innate basics, she could master more advanced skills in almost no time.

If she could add a rich and soulful touch to her singing, she would be even better than she already was.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but doubt what Bai Meixue had told her.

Did this young lady really come in through questionable means? With such competence and good looks, was there a need for her to take a shadier path?

With a thousand thoughts jostling in her head, she simply responded in a cool manner, “Pretty great, keep it up. Let us carry on.”

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