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Chapter 200: Doing the Unexpected

There were a lot of trainees at SY Entertainment, both men and women, making for about 20 or 30 trainees in total.

Xia Xibei was a newcomer, so of course everyone paid special attention to her.

After all, everyone was in competition here. With every new competitor, you had to know their situation.

After seeing Xia Xibei, everyone had mixed feelings.

The people present were all good-looking, but Xia Xibei’s appearance was top-notch, which made them feel a little uncomfortable.

Although being a celebrity depended on more than just appearances, with such a face, one would definitely get twice the results with only half the effort. There were plenty of fans who looked at the face alone.

Xia Xibei found a place to sit down, smiling at the people around her as a greeting, then quietly using her phone.

Although she did not have a posture that indicated she was rejecting people, no one dared to approach her either.

They felt that if they got closer, something bad would happen.

Therefore, before the teacher came, everyone stayed on their own turf.

When Xia Qinghan came in, she saw Xia Xibei sitting all alone, whereas she had two people next to her, so she couldn’t help but feel smug.

Thinking of this, she forgot the trouble she had with Xia Xibei before and went towards her.

“Xibei, why are you…”

“Classmate Xia Qinghan, have you finally decided to apologize to me?” Xia Xibei looked up, interrupting her immediately.

“ Apologize?”

Xia Qinghan’s face suddenly became ugly.

“That’s right.” Xia Xibei did not seem to notice the gazes of other people, all of which were looking at them, and spoke with a serious expression, “Didn’t you want to apologize to me? Speak, I’m listening.”

“You… I…”

Xia Qinghan’s face became flushed, due to both embarrassment and annoyance.

“Why does Qinghan have to apologize to you?” Xiaoshi stepped forward unhappily, glared at Xia Xibei as if she had done something outrageous.

Xia Xibei looked at the two girls following Xia Qinghan and couldn’t help but sneer on the inside.

Sure enough, no matter where she was, Xia Qinghan always found a few people to surround herself with.

“Did she not tell you?” Xia Xibei looked innocent. “She and I go to the same school. Before, she and her friends accused me of stealing things and searched my bag. In the end, they found out that the things were hidden by one of her friends. After that, everyone apologized to me, but she was out sick that next day. However, she still hasn’t apologized to me!”

Xia Qinghan didn’t have time to react at all before she heard Xia Xibei saying everything out loud. As those words came out, her face suddenly became pale.

“That’s nonsense!” Xia Qinghan exclaimed, embarrassed and annoyed.

“I’m talking nonsense? You didn’t accuse me of stealing those things? You didn’t search my bag? You didn’t have those things the whole time? Did you ever apologize?” Xia Xibei shrugged, spreading her hands while looking helpless. “When did I ever talk nonsense?”

“You- You!”

Xia Qinghan didn’t expect Xia Xibei to play her cards so unexpectedly!

Feeling the suspicious gazes of other people on her, the rage in her heart flared up once again.

“Fine, just act like I’m spewing nonsense,” Xia Xibei sighed helplessly. “I just want to focus on studying now, alright?”

Xia Qinghan’s chest rose and fell sharply, her face both white and red, making her look very interesting.

The people around them looked at each other. The amount of information here was huge!

Some of the people looked at Xia Qinghan vigilantly. Indeed, this girl was not a nice person.

Of course, the newcomer wasn’t easily bullied either.

So, they should still watch the show for now.

As everyone was busy assessing the situation, the teacher came in.

“What are you doing? It’s time for class!”

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