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Chapter 199: Bribing for Favor

Having been flattered by the duo for a little while, the gloom that shrouded Xia Qinghan finally cleared at last.

Just as expected, she was the one that captured all the attention, and she would always be the one!

As for Xia Xibei… The disparity between them would show once she started going for classes!

As far as Xia Qinghan could see, Xia Xibei had no talent at all.

On the other hand, she was also curious as to why Pan Yan had insisted on signing Xia Xibei.

Apart from that face of hers, did she have any other saving grace?

It took real competence to debut, not just looks!

Countless good-looking, talented guys and girls strove in the entertainment industry with all their might for a better future, but most of them ended up being crushed and defeated, and hardly anyone made it to the top.

So how could someone like Xia Xibei, who struggled with poverty from a young age and had neither talents nor support, become a sensation?

Ha! Let her dream on!

Having thought of that, the dismay that Xia Xibei caused her finally faded away.

“Don’t say that, anyone who can make it into our company is surely capable in one way or another,” Xia Qinghan replied with a gentle smile.

“Who knows?” Xiaoshi and Nini shrugged, not fully convinced.

“Even if she’s capable, I don’t think she’s better than you!”

SY Entertainment wasn’t a small corporation, and they had numerous trainees.

However, there weren’t many who stood out and shone brightly.

Having been complimented by them, Xia Qinghan could only respond with a bashful smile, “Stop that, you’re making me arrogant.”

“Enough of that, we know you’re humble!” Xiaoshi and Nini exchanged a glance, beaming even more brightly.

“By the way, I heard that Coconut TV is working on a variety show,” Xia Qinghan said out of nowhere in a soft voice.

“A show?” The two of them were slightly stunned. “What show?”

“I heard that it’s a show that produces idols of the new generation. If one can make their way to the finals, they can debut right away!” Xia Qinghan explained.

“Really?” The two of them were stupefied. “How did you get to know that?”

Xia Qinghan replied with a reserved smile, “I heard it from my relative. She works for Coconut TV.”

Of course, she wasn’t informed by a relative; it was Bai Meixue who told her that.

However, that didn’t stop her from using it to bribe people for their favor.

The two girls became excited immediately.

“You have a relative who works at Coconut TV? You’re amazing! By the way, how much do you know?”

Debut! Who didn’t want to debut! They had been working so hard all for the sake of debuting, hadn’t they?!

“Every entertainment company will send their own trainees to take part in the show, and in the end, several winners will be selected for debut, either as a group or solo.”

“Really?” Nini asked eagerly, “How is it operated then?”

Xia Qinghan shook her head, “I don’t know the details either. She couldn’t tell me much, as they are still at the preparation stage. But if there’s a chance, the company will notify us.”

“But there are so many trainees in our company. It’s impossible for everyone to take part, right?” Nini queried with a frown.

“That’s for sure!” Xiaoshi nodded. “That’s why we have to be outstanding enough for them to notice!”

“In that case, we have to work hard from now on, so that we might get a chance to take part in the competition and debut earlier!” Xia Qinghan pumped them up.

“Qinghan, you’re such a good person!” Nini looked at her with gratitude, “You’re the only one who will share such information with us!”

Knowing it early meant that they could start preparing for it early, and the time in between made all the difference in the world.

“We are all in this together anyway! It’s best if we can debut together,” Xia Qinghan remarked in a righteous, generous manner.

“Not everyone is as selfless as you!” The two of them were having mixed feelings.

“Alright, let’s not talk anymore and get inside!” Having achieved the desired effect, Xia Qinghan smiled, “The class is starting.”

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