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Chapter 201: Who Sang Wrong

The teacher was a very serious middle-aged woman named Jiang Wei. She was not beautiful, but stylish.

She was very imposing when she wasn’t smiling, and none of the trainees present dared to mess around with her.

As soon as she came in, everyone obediently sat in their seats.

Of course, everyone’s thoughts were still on Xia Qinghan and Xia Xibei.

Xia Qinghan had been brought in by Bai Meixue, so everyone knew that she had connections.

Bai Meixue was an experienced and well-known industry elder, so everyone treated Xia Qinghan really well.

Especially the boys. They preferred her type: non-aggressive and ethereal. Meanwhile, even if they didn’t like her, the girls wouldn’t show it.

No one would have thought that when Xia Xibei came, Xia Qinghan’s goddess-like image, which she had maintained for a while, would begin to crack.

It was one thing to accuse someone of stealing. But shouldn’t she have apologized after the truth came out?

But then she got sick? What a coincidence!

Even the students of Qing Ye High School had doubts about this matter, let alone these young men and women, who were on their way into the entertainment industry.

Seeing everyone’s suspicion concerning her, Xia Qinghan’s face remained impassive, but her fingernails were about to break from her strong grip.

Damn Xia Xibei!

Jiang Wei stood in front of the piano, looking at the young people before her with a serious expression.

“There’s someone new today?”

She noticed Xia Xibei right away.

“Hello teacher.” Xia Xibei stood up, introducing herself, “My name is Xia Xibei.”

“OK. Sit down.”

Jiang Wei’s eyes stayed on Xia Xibei for a few more seconds, the meaning in her eyes very mixed.

Soon, her gaze turned to everyone else. “Well, let’s practice voice first.”

She demonstrated how to open one’s voice, from low to high and from high to low.

Everyone followed the pronunciation.

As soon as class started, Xia Qinghan immediately controlled her emotions and focused her mind on studying.

After a while, Jiang Wei suddenly frowned.

“There seems to be a noise.”

Everyone looked at each other, knowing that her so-called noise meant there was wrong pronunciation occurring.

But who had made the noise?

Their ears weren’t as sensitive as the teacher’s, so they couldn’t hear the problem.

However, everyone subconsciously turned their attention to Xia Xibei.

Nothing like this had ever happened before. But today, Xia Xibei came in and suddenly there was a problem. Who wouldn’t get it?

Xia Xibei’s face remained unchanged in the face of everyone’s suspicion.

Jiang Wei’s gaze stayed on her face for a while, then she suddenly called out Xia Qinghan’s name.

“Qinghan, step out.”


Xia Qinghan walked out immediately.

Everyone’s expressions were a bit complicated, seeing her being called up by the teacher as an example once again.

Xia Qinghan straightened her back, looking serious.

“Sing it once.”

Jiang Wei started to play the piano and Xia Qinghan opened her mouth to begin.


Listening to how effortlessly Xia Qinghan sang the tone up, the envy in everyone’s eyes could not be hidden away.

“Very good.”

When Jiang Wei praised Xia Qinghan, her face became even more red, even as everyone else became more envious than ever.

Jiang Wei had a serious personality, and she didn’t praise people so easily.

They were so envious of Xia Qinghan for being praised by her!

“Sing along with everyone.” Jiang Wei looked at the students. “Control your voice! Don’t pretend to understand, don’t try to pass it off as okay!”

Hearing what she meant, everyone couldn’t help but glance at Xia Xibei.

Xia Xibei maintained the same expression she had before.

After another round of vocalization, Jiang Wei stopped suddenly once again, her face gloomy.

“Whoever sang it wrong, step out!”

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