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Chapter 187: Two Dogs

Since Liu Manhong put it this way, Xia Xibei couldn’t refuse.

If she insisted on saying no, Liu Manhong would definitely feel as if she disliked Qiao Yanjue.

And Qiao Yanjue was Liu Manhong’s nephew!

After thinking about it, Xia Xibei could only nod. “Then I will go back and get ready to move.”

Qiao Yanjue agreed, “Right, you will live here first anyway. If you don’t like it here, you can always move out!”

These words made Xia Xibei arch her brow, since she had the same idea in mind.

Liu Manhong wanted to make Xia Xibei stay for dinner, but she turned it down, as she had already made an appointment with Song Jiaren.

Liu Manhong walked them down in resignation.

When he saw that Xia Xibei was leaving, King Chu insisted on walking down too.

Seeing how insistent her dog was, Liu Manhong had no choice but to nod along and agree.

King Chu was overjoyed at having a chance to spend more time with this girl.

Soon, the three of them and the dog reached the garden located in the subdivision.

An excited bark rang out as they approached the entrance.

Then, a golden shadow quickly headed toward them.


Before Yu Ziqi could even react, Asura was running away from him!

However, after he saw Xia Xibei not too far away, he understood the reason.

For the past two days, Asura had been a little restless.

He had never destroyed the house before, but he was doing that now.

Luckily, Yu Ziqi knew what to do. He called Xia Xibei and had her lecture Asura.

That was the only way he could manage Asura.

In order to help Asura release his extra energy, Yu Ziqi took him down for a stroll after class.

Unfortunately, they saw Xia Xibei on the way.

Asura didn’t care how frustrated his owner was. After seeing Xia Xibei, he became very excited, quickly rushing over.


This loud cry shocked both Liu Manhong and King Chu.

Seeing that this golden retriever was about to pounce, Liu Manhong shouted out in fright, “Watch out!”

However, she became stunned the very next second.

The golden retriever abruptly stopped less than 10 centimeters in front of Xia Xibei, then reached his head toward Xia Xibei’s waist.



King Chu was a little timid, so he was surprised at first. However, after discovering Asura’s intentions, he became angry!

Where did this feral dog come from?!

Asura was happy to see Xia Xibei, but there was a dog beside her, and he was provoking him too, so he suddenly became angry.



King Chu didn’t want to back down, so he started barking too, baring his teeth at Asura.

In the blink of an eye, the two dogs began to shout at each other.

“Shut up!”

Xia Xibei’s head hurt.

She didn’t think she’d see Asura here. She also hadn’t thought that the two dogs would have an argument.


After being yelled at like this, the two dogs abruptly stopped barking, which was very funny.

Yu Ziqi finally rushed over. He was panting and sweating as he asked, “Xibei, what are you doing here?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he looked up and saw Qiao Yanjue, becoming very surprised.

“Big brother Qiao, why are you here too?”

“We’re here to look at places to live.” Qiao Yanjue answered his question very politely. “We will move to this neighborhood within a few days.”

Yu Ziqi, a chubby and naive kid, definitely didn’t know what Qiao Yanjue meant. He nodded along in excitement, “You are both moving here? That’s great! I’d love to have some company!”

As he spoke, he turned his head, flabbergasted at what he saw.

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