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Chapter 188: Two Dogs Fighting for Love

In just a few seconds, things took a magical turn.

Having been scolded by Xia Xibei, the two dogs became visibly droopy.

However, their reactions were very different.

King Chu sprawled on the ground in grievance, sobbing piteously and making wailing noises from time to time.

Passers-by gathered around them.

There were two dogs here, and the people over here were all good-looking, so it was certainly an eye-catching sight.

Upon taking a good look, however, they were all surprised.

The dumb husky was actually crying!

Anyway, it was a norm for huskies to do silly things. They would even be praised for being pure-bred!

Liu Manhong’s lips twitched as she watched the husky sobbing as if it had been bullied terribly.

She took King Chu out for a walk every day, but it had always been well-behaved, even aloof and reserved.

She had always thought that her husky was different from other huskies out there.

When other huskies did dumb things, she would even feel a weird sense of superiority over them.

But right now, when King Chu had fully unleashed its true nature, she finally understood something— this was a pure-bred dumb husky, indeed!

The more she watched the scene, the more Liu Manhong found it familiar. Then she overheard a bystander comment, “Why does this look like my neighbor’s kid when he’s throwing a tantrum?”

The realization hit Liu Manhong like a bolt of thunder! She recognized it now!

Previously, there was a child who wanted toys, but his grandmother said no to him. Upset, he lied down on the ground and started making a fuss about it.

King Chu was doing the exact same thing right now!

Shortly after, she saw King Chu sobbing while opening one of its eyes stealthily from time to time to take a peek at Xia Xibei.

The passersby couldn’t help but burst into laughter. This was a dumb husky indeed!

How Liu Manhong wished she could cover up her face as she looked at that embarrassing dog of hers.

Qiao Yanjue’s expression was stiff as well, although he was glad that it wasn’t his dog.

“King Chu! Get up!” Liu Manhong commanded, feeling extremely awkward.


Instead, King Chu just fell down. It wouldn’t get up until the pretty lady gave him a kiss!

Liu Manhong was helpless, while the people around them continued to laugh.

“King Chu, get up!” Xia Xibei finally yelled.

King Chu did not listen to her this time, carrying on with his weeping instead.

It needed to be kissed and cuddled and patted right now!

Xia Xibei was speechless. This was the first time she had met the magical husky, and it was such an eye-opening experience!

Right when she was about to speak, she saw a golden fleck flashing ahead of her.


Yu Ziqi was caught unaware. Where was it going?

With all eyes pinned on it, Asura dashed into the little garden.

There were a lot of flowers there, blooming in brilliant purples and bright reds. It made for very pleasant scenery.

Asura picked out one of the biggest flowers and bit off its stalk.

With the flower dangling from its mouth, it returned to Xia Xibei.


He placed the flower on the ground and barked at Xia Xibei.

Everyone was stunned.

Although they all knew that golden retrievers were clever, this one was… Almost a human now, wasn’t it?!

Who taught it to make a girl happy by giving her flowers?!

Yu Ziqi’s eyes turned red and he muttered under his breath, “It’s never given me flowers before!”

Qiao Yanjue shot him a glance, then turned his head to the side with an inexplicable expression.

Did he really not know the reason?

Xia Xibei was surprised too. She bent low and picked up the flower, giving Asura a pat on his head.

“Thank you for the flower! But you can’t do this again, alright? These flowers belong to everyone.”


When it saw her accepting the flower, Asura barked in excitement.

In the midst of its intense crying, King Chu finally realized that the pretty girl that it fancied was running away with its rival!


Rolling to its side, it quickly jumped to its feet.

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