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Chapter 186: Being Neighbors

“Live here?!”

Before Xia Xibei could say anything, Liu Manhong looked at Qiao Yanjue in surprise. “Are you kidding me?”

“Why would I joke with you?” Qiao Yanjue asked seriously. “I’m going to stay in G City for a while, and it’s inconvenient to stay in a hotel.”

“But didn’t you say earlier that it’s more convenient to stay in a hotel?” Liu Manhong questioned him.

“If it’s just a few days, of course a hotel is convenient,” Qiao Yanjue replied with confidence. “But if I have to stay here for a while, I can’t stay in a hotel the whole time.”

“Didn’t you say my place is not clean enough?” Liu Manhong sneered.

“It is really dirty here.” Qiao Yanjue was unceremonious in his dislike. He glanced contemptuously at the husky, who was wagging his tail behind Xia Xibei. “With him here, can your house truly be clean?”

Feeling a threatening aura, King Chu’s wild black eyes finally turned to meet the tall man in front of him.

No treats, no fun, and annoying too!

It huffed and turned its head away in disgust, continuing to shake its tail at Xia Xibei.

“Pfft! Hahaha…”

Liu Manhong was very chagrined by King Chu’s reaction. This was how he reacted when he saw things he didn’t like.

Qiao Yanjue kept silent, thinking of the 18 ways they could prepare dog meat soup.

He pushed down on his frustration and continued, “So, I don’t plan to live in your suite. I wanted to live there.”

He pointed to one suite in particular.

“It’s all renovated inside, right?”

“Can’t you choose one of the homes downstairs?” Liu Manhong said. “They are all renovated.”

“People have lived downstairs before,” Qiao Yanjue replied, disgusted.

Liu Manhong didn’t know what to say to that.

She had rented out two of the homes before, but soon took them back.

These two suites were unoccupied and very clean. She had hourly workers come in and clean them occasionally, so they were in good condition.

“She lives here, I live there. We won’t affect each other at all. What do you think?” Qiao Yanjue seemed serious, looking at Xia Xibei for her answer.

Xia Xibei’s mouth twitched, “Hm…”

She had never thought about being neighbors with Qiao Yanjue!

“You… You should have your own house, right?”

“Yes,” Qiao Yanjue nodded calmly. “But it hasn’t been renovated yet. It will take a while before I can live there.”

Xia Xibe felt a little awkward.

Although it was not the same suite, it was equivalent to being under the same roof, which was really strange.

“Do you think it’s wrong?” Qiao Yanjue’s face changed immediately as he looked at her expression, seeming a little aggrieved. “Forget it, I’ll go find another place.”

“No need!” Xia Xibei shook her head quickly. This was Liu Manhong’s place and Qiao Yanjue was her nephew. How could she drive him away? “Why don’t I find another place?” she suggested instead.

“No way!” Qiao Yanjue vetoed the idea immediately. “How could you leave when you were here first?”


“Alright, all of you, shut up!”

Seeing them fighting like this, Liu Manhong’s eyes rolled up to the sky. “There’s two homes here. If you think the other person will bother you, just close your door. What’s the problem? You can both live here!”

She instantly made a decision, stopping Xia Xibei from saying anything else. “If you dare to say you won’t live here, King Chu would cry himself to death!”


Then she looked at Qiao Yanjue and smirked, “And if I dared not allow you to live here, your mom would kill me!

“So enough with all that nonsense. Go back and bring your stuff here!”

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