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Chapter 177: The End of the Father-daughter Relationship

Very soon, Liu Lixin and Xia Shahai walked out of the room, their faces ashen and defeated.

This whole time, Liu Lixin had been glad that the other party didn’t blow the whistle on her. Even if Xia Xibei wanted to do them dirty, her claims wouldn’t hold up without evidence!

But who would have expected those people to spill the beans at this point in time?!

How did all of it happen so coincidentally?!

The police walked over and told Xia Xibei, “Rest assured, they have confessed to their deeds.”

The consequences would have been much worse if they dared to not confess!

Before Xia Xibei could get out a word, the rest of the people voiced their righteous anger first.

“Scumbag parents like them are totally appalling!”

“I absolutely agree! They should be locked up in prison!”

Xia Xibei’s expression was rather somber as she asked, “They did it for real?”

“Yes,” the police nodded. “Don’t worry, they will be punished severely for what they did.”

The rest of the group was instantly delighted, wishing they could celebrate with high-fives.

Who wouldn’t be delighted to see scumbags paying for the sins they had committed?

“I…” Xia Xibei bit her lip, looking rather hesitant. “What kind of punishment are they going to receive?”

“Bei, don’t be silly!” The people became anxious right away. “Don’t forget what they did to you!”

“Right! They don’t deserve your sympathy!”

Looking at how everyone was worrying about her, Xia Xibei flashed them a bashful smile. “I… I won’t be soft-hearted towards them.”

“Yes! That’s how you should be!” Everyone nodded in approval.

Xia Shahai’s heart turned cold as he watched the nosy crowd enjoying the commotion.

He had no idea what Xia Xibei had told them to draw all of them to her side!

He was frustrated deep inside. Since when did this girl change? She had always obeyed them and kept a low profile.

However, she had turned into a whole different person after what happened the last time!

More to his distaste, these days, she had even learnt to act pathetic and aggrieved in front of people!

He almost threw up blood when he saw Xia Xibei’s reddened eyes!

He had tried to think of the different methods Xia Xibei would use to tackle them, but this was something he had never thought of!

She had the upper hand of morality right now!

Even more tragically, he would be overwhelmed by curses from the people if he even spoke a word right now! These people had been utterly brainwashed by Xia Xibei!

Xia Shahai had internally admitted defeat, but Liu Lixin was extremely resentful. She continued to stare at Xia Xibei with poisonous eyes.

The others couldn’t help but snort coldly when they saw the look in her eyes, “If not for Bei, her children would have been in trouble by now!”

“Yes! People like her are totally cold-blooded!”

Their words made Liu Lixin choke on her own anger, to the point where it almost almost suffocated her.

“Father… This is the last time I’m calling you father.” Xia Xibei took a deep breath and flashed a tenacious smile. “Even when you broke relations with me first, I did not blame you…”

“I did it first?!”

At that moment, Xia Shahai who had decided to keep his mouth shut and admit defeat, couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Who the hell broke relations with her first? And gave her a house and 200,000 yuan?!

Xia Xibei remained unruffled despite his outburst, carrying on, “In fact, if you had told me that you wanted the house, I would have given it to you, although it was left to me by grandmother…”

Xia Shahai almost threw up a mouthful of blood!

Did he not say it before?! How could she be so shameless as to say such words?!

Xia Xibei inhaled deeply, “However, what you have done to me is too much now! Therefore, from now on, let us not remain in touch anymore! Let this be the end of our father-daughter relationship!”

Only after saying this out loud did she heave a sigh of relief.

“Bravo!” someone cheered from the distance.

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