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Chapter 176: Do You Want to Be a Star?

When news came out of someone trying to retaliate against society at the Dongyan Elementary School, the story received a lot of attention.

Children were the treasure of every family. If something were to happen to a child, the parents and other family members would suffer so much pain!

There had been vicious incidents like this before, which was why many schools had increased their security measures.

However, no matter how hard they tried, they could not stop these evil people from committing such horrific acts.

Before clicking on the news, everyone was worried that they were about to see dead or injured children.

However, everyone breathed a sigh of relief after reading the whole story.

Because someone had been a good samaritan and subdued the killer, no students were hurt!

“Great! No kids were hurt! No families had to go through any heartbreak.”

“Although the story was very simple, the situation must have been so dangerous! This kind of scum deserves the death penalty!”

“Another unemployed vagrant, a loser who only dared to hurt minors! Why don’t these people find a place to commit suicide?!”

“A hero rescued them! I don’t know which young man it is, but I am so impressed!”

“To the poster above me: it’s not a young man, it’s a young woman in her teens. She’s really pretty too!”

“Can you not fantasize in these kinds of serious posts? It’s not a beauty competition. Where did you get the information that she’s pretty?!”

“I was there, okay? She really is beautiful, and super fierce too! She kicked the scumbag to the ground in just one move! She looked amazing! Before we even knew what had happened, the killer was down.”

“Please, you’re bragging. Are you making a show?”

Since the children were fine, after everyone had condemned the evil man, their attention turned to the beautiful young lady.

The pictures in the news only showed the entrance of the school, and no pictures of the murderer and Xia Xibei were given, so everyone was left guessing which hero had actually helped.

As everyone continued excitedly discussing the story, another news article popped up.

“The Hero of Dongyan School: A Girl Worth Our Pity and Respect!”

When people clicked on the article, the first thing they saw was a beautiful young woman.

She was a teenager with exquisite features: big eyes, a straight, pretty nose, pink lips, soft, pale skin full of collagen… She made one’s eyes light up!

There were still tears in the corners of her eyes, which happened to be red at the moment, but there was a smile of relief on her mouth.

The contrast between the tears and her smile hit everyone’s hearts like a boulder.

There were obviously other people around, but she was the only one that everyone saw at first sight.

“This girl is stunning! Is she a celebrity?”

People scrolled down on the news article and learned the rest.

She was the hero!

“She’s so beautiful! Are they sure? Can such a beautiful girl throw down a big man? I think my arms are thicker than her thighs.”

“So pretty! She’s prettier than those celebrity starlets! Does she want to be a star? I can be her first fan!”

“This girl really is beautiful, both inside and out. She dared to help in the face of such danger. I really admire her! If it were me, I would have run off.”

“However, her life story is too sad! Why do such insane parents exist?!”

“Is this still society news? This is as dramatic as entertainment news!”

“What’s dramatic? Is it so hard admitting someone is brilliant?!”

The comments under the story began to take on many views, but most of them complimented Xia Xibei’s courage.

Xia Xibei didn’t know about the development occurring online at the time. She had to take care of this incident first.

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