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Chapter 178: CEO Qiao is Here

Everyone turned their heads to look, becoming dumbfounded.

Several people came in through the door, but the first person everyone saw was the tall, hunky man being escorted in the center.

The man had a slender build and a handsome face. He was wearing a cold, grim expression, and there was an outstanding aura about him.

There were a few people who lagged a step behind him, most likely his assistants.

He just walked in like that, making people’s eyes glitter, but no one dared look him directly in the eye.

Xia Xibei raised her brows in surprise.

Qiao Yanjue? Why was he here?

Xia Shahai didn’t know Qiao Yanjue either, but he recognized the middle-aged man behind Qiao Yanjue.

“Boss Peng? Why are you here?”

Boss Peng carried a potbelly, his expression disgruntled. “Xia, if not for the call we received, you would still be keeping this in the dark, wouldn’t you?”

Xia Shahai panicked, stammering, “Boss Peng… What- What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Boss Peng snorted. “You should know what you did best!”

He shot a glance at Xia Shahai and Liu Lixin, then turned around to look at Qiao Yanjue, his attitude very respectful. “CEO Qiao, you think…”

CEO Qiao?

Xia Shahai drew in a sharp breath.

Xia Shahai knew that their company was one of Qiao Enterprise’s sub-companies.

It was called Qiao Enterprise, so of course the Qiao family was in charge of it.

Therefore, this CEO Qiao had to be one of the important figures within the Qiao family!

This thought made chills run down his spine. What had brought CEO Qiao here?

All the people were staring at Qiao Yanjue in surprise as well.

No wonder the way he dressed and presented himself was different from the rest of them. His status itself was different!

Sure enough, being so young, he must be the son of a wealthy man.

Regardless of the generation, however, he was simply outstanding!

Luckily, apart from Xia Xibei, there weren’t any young girls around. There were either women in their forties or men, so there wasn’t too much of a commotion.

With eyes as cold as ice, Qiao Yanjue looked down at Xia Shahai in a condescending manner, his voice scornful as he asked, “So you’re Xia Shahai?”

“Yes, yes!” Xia Shahai nodded rather gingerly, at a loss for what to do.

He had never thought of meeting Qiao Yanjue in person before. Moreover, this was such an awkward situation to meet in!

“So we have found the right guy.”

Qiao Yanjue turned to look at a middle-aged man in a tidy suit, who seemed distinguished from the others, and said something to him. The man stepped forward and started to converse with the police.

Very soon, he nodded, “Let us talk in the conference room.”

The others became curious right away. What were they going to talk about in the conference room?

Nonetheless, despite their curiosity, they dared not speak a word. After all, Qiao Yanjue’s manners and status were extraordinary.

“Come inside,” Qiao Yanjue told Xia Xibei, who was silently standing at the side.

At first, Xia Xibei was surprised. Then she nodded and followed them inside.

Once they got into the conference room, their positions in this situation were clearly discernible.

Qiao Yanjue and his crew were standing on one side of the room, with Xia Shahai and Liu Lixin on the other.

As for Xia Xibei, she was standing in the middle.

Xia Xibei was looking at Qiao Yanjue doubtfully, unsure of what he was trying to do.

After seating themselves properly, Qiao Yanjue gestured for Boss Peng to speak.

“Xia, you’ve served the company for many years and put in conscientious effort despite having made just minor contributions…”

His words made Xia Shahai shudder. He had a feeling that this conversation wasn’t going in a good direction.

Just as expected, Boss Peng immediately put on a pained, grieving look. “However, I never would have thought you would commit such acts!”

Xia Shahai’s heart skipped a beat, his face turning deathly pale.

“Xia, we’ve been colleagues for a good while. Now, you need to decide what you are going to do,” Boss Peng remarked with a sigh.


“Why waste time on him? Call the cops right away! We’re in a police station anyway, so it’s convenient.”

Xia Shahai almost passed out upon hearing Qiao Yanjue’s words!

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