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Chapter 174: Go Your Own Way, When Disasters Strike

Liu Lixin and Xia Shahai nodded hesitantly when their names were called out, “Yes, we are…”

“The timing is perfect then. Our partner station just called to inform us that those people have confessed. Therefore, you are now required to help with the investigation. Since you happen to be here, we won’t have to make another trip.”

Both of their faces turned deathly pale at his words.

“What do you mean by helping with the investigation?”

“It means that those guys have divulged your involvement. Therefore, as the masterminds, you can’t run away from it!” Someone gloated from the side, helping the cop by translating his word.

“No way! No!” Xia Shahai exclaimed. “This has nothing to do with me at all!”

Mastermind——that was a big crime!

There was no way he could bear the charge!

“It was her! She did it all by herself!” Xia Shahai quickly shoved Liu Lixin forward.

“Xia Shahai!” Liu Lixin turned pale from the shock. She never would have thought that this goddamn man could be so irresponsible. The matter hadn’t even been sorted out yet, but he pushed her forth right away!

All of the surrounding people’s faces were full of contempt as well.

Everyone had heard of the popular saying, “husband and wife are like birds in a grove; when disasters strike nonetheless, they fly their own ways.” However, this was the very first time they had witnessed the act of “flying their own ways” in person.

The catastrophe hadn’t even arrived, yet he hadn’t waited before pushing his wife forth to bear the accusation. How callous!

“Alright, don’t panic.” The cop at the side smiled, his smile extremely sarcastic. “It’s our job to find out what really happened. No one will be falsely accused.”

“Xia Xibei!” Xia Shahai looked toward Xia Xibei immediately. “Xibei, beibei. Tell them, tell them I didn’t do anything!”

“What can I tell them?” Xia Xibei shook her head, looking helpless. “The police will definitely find out what happened. Don’t worry, they won’t treat you unjustly!”

“She’s right! As a big man, you aren’t nearly half as sensible as the little girl!” The others supported her with their voices.

“Scumbag fathers like him are so disgusting! Does he not remember what he did to the daughter? And now he just turned around and cried for help? How weak!”

They were very contemptuous towards Xia Shahai and his wife.

Previously, they chose to break relations with the child so that she wouldn’t be a burden on them.

In order to sever the ties, he had even transferred the house to her. When the price of the house rose, however, they showed up once again.

When they couldn’t get the house back, they began accusing the little girl of blackmailing and threatening them…

With all these different matters combined, everyone was flabbergasted by their shamelessness!

“It just occurred to me… Do you think they had come to file the report because they wanted to seize the chance and get the house back?”

Someone thought of this possibility out of nowhere, whispering to the person beside them.

“It can’t be… God damn it! It’s actually quite likely!” After giving it some thought, the person was stunned.

If their report was valid, Xia Xibei would definitely be affected.

Then they could pretend to be generous and forgive Xia Xibei, reasonably erasing the fact that they had previously severed their relationship with her.

Since they had recovered their father-daughter relationship and the child was underage, the house would naturally fall under the father’s possession.

After completing the story in their heads, they couldn’t help but inhale a sharp breath.

Goodness! These two were total lunatics!

They shared their reasoning with the others, and eventually, all of them were staring at Xia Shahai and his wife with fury.

They pitied Xia Xibei even more now. Why was she so unfortunate, to have such a father?

“Alright, let’s end all that talk right here. You two, come with me,” one of the cops ordered the couple.

As for Xia Xibei, she would have to wait outside for now, as she was a litigant of the previous incident after all.

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