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Chapter 173: We’re No Longer Related


Everyone pricked up their ears to listen.

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Liu Lixin cursed with guilt. “Don’t try to change the subject!”

Xia Xibei chortled bitterly, “I’m not changing the subject. You know it best.”

She looked toward Xia Shahai. “Dad, I know, you have your own children and family, and I no longer matter to you now, so I’ve decided not to disturb you as well…”

“How nice to hear!” Liu Lixin hit the roof. “But if you really were gonna leave us alone, why are you even here right now?”

“I was just passing by, so I thought of visiting them.” Xia Xibei smiled bitterly. “Don’t worry, I will not go near them. After all, I’ve signed the relation-severance letter with my father…”

“Relation-severance letter?!”

The people were shocked. It sounded like a scary thing.

Liu Lixin was equally stunned, clasping Xia Shahai’s arm. “When did you sign such a thing?”

Xia Shahai shrugged her hand off, muttering, “I’ll tell you when we get home.”

The looks of disdain from the people were almost drowning him already. How could he disclose it all right here?

“We signed it earlier last month,” Xia Xibei answered instead, her eyes glistening with tears. “He transferred the house under my name, then we signed the relation-severance letter. We’re no longer related from that moment on.”

The people inhaled a sharp breath. What kind of father was this?!

Liu Lixin finally understood why Xia Shahai had been elusive earlier on. So that was the hidden side of the story!

“But no one had thought that my area was going to be relocated soon,” Xia Xibei shook her head sadly. “An old house, worth just a hundred thousand earlier, was now rapidly increasing in price, so I understand why you couldn’t accept it.”

“What are you talking about!” Liu Lixin went ballistic. “Who- Who wants the house now?!”

“Don’t you?” Xia Xibei seemed confused. “But I heard from someone today that the bad guys who showed up near my house these past two days had come for the sake of the house. They even confessed that they had come… Under your instruction.”

“Bullshit!” Liu Lixin’s face fell theatrically as she screamed in anger, “You’re slandering me!”

“We can find out if she’s slandering you,” one of the cops at the side spoke up out of nowhere, dialing the number of another station.

There was only one area under relocation right now, so they knew where to call without having to ask much.

Looking at the cop, Liu Lixin and Xia Shahai panicked.

She wanted to pounce forward and snatch the phone, but she didn’t dare to do it.

Very soon, the young cop hung up the call, all eyes pinned on him.

“It’s true, they caught several men there a few days ago, and they were there for the house indeed.”

Liu Lixin and Xia Shahai’s faces turned ashen gray!

The people who stood in the distance gradually came closer again, almost blowing their tops after hearing what the cop had to say.

How could such insane, malevolent parents even exist?!

“People like them should be struck by lightning!”

“Yes! Arrest them as soon as you can!”

“They hired hitmen to kill her!”

“Shut your mouths!” Liu Lixin became frenzied, holding back the urge to hit those people.

Xia Shahai was also at a loss.

“There… There must be some misunderstanding here!”


Xia Xibei’s smile was forlorn, “I wish it was all a misunderstanding too, and I wish we could have talked it out. But I hadn’t expected you to accuse me of trying to harm my brother and sister right as you got here. It looks like you’re guilty now, aren’t you?”

“Who’s guilty now!” Liu Lixin countered, her neck stiff. “We did not do anything! If we really did it, why didn’t the cops come and find us?”

Right as she finished talking, the police station’s phone rang.

After hearing what the caller had to say, the cop had a bizarre look on his face.

“Are you Liu Lixin and Xia Shahai?” he asked them.

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