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Chapter 175: Weeping over Fate

Liu Lixin and Xia Shahai were taken inside to be interrogated, whereas Xia Xibei was left outside to wait.

The rest of the people gathered around her. Being both concerned and nosy, they started asking her about her life experiences throughout the years.

There was even a reporter among them who had come over in a hurry.

After ascertaining that Xia Xibei was the life-saving hero, the reporter got closer to her, a recording pen ready.

People no longer enjoyed learning about the murderer’s story these days; they loved watching heroic deeds!

This girl was beautiful and courageous, so she would definitely attract a great deal of attention!

Having thought of that, he adjusted his posture to appear more serious.

Xia Xibei flashed a rather bashful smile in front of the concerned crowd and began recounting what she had been through all these years.

Several people gathered around Xia Xibei, exclaiming from time to time as she explained things to them.

After getting to know the whole story, they couldn’t help but shake their heads, their hearts aching for her even more.

Before she turned eight, the little girl wasn’t loved by her parents. After she turned eight, her parents divorced, and she had no choice but to live with her grandmother.

While she was in her teens, her grandmother passed away. Her parents only gave her a few hundred yuan in pocket money each month, so she had to work every day.

Last month, her parents felt that she was too much of a burden on them, so they chose to break relations with her.

Now, they came to make a scene because of the house…

“They are totally heartless!” the people announced in unison.

“Actually… I don’t blame them,” Xia Xibei bit her lip, her eyes red. “They have their own families, I shouldn’t disturb…”

“What are you talking about!” a middle-aged woman cut her off in rage. “If they chose to have you in the first place, they have the obligation to raise you well! Putting aside raising you until you’re in your twenties, they should at least take care of you until you turn into an adult!”

“Right! What can you even buy with a few hundred yuan a month?” a youngster in his twenties demanded, equally enraged.

“Correct! They are downright heartless; you don’t have to bother them!” another youngster stated in a serious manner. “Don’t ever give them the house!”

“Isn’t that… A little too much?” Xia Xibei seemed to be in a difficult position. “They are my parents, after all…”

“Screw that!” the youngster interrupted her with agitation, “You regard them as parents, but do they treat you as their child? They even severed relations with you! Since you’re no longer related, why should you care if they are dead or alive!”

“Yes! You treated them with mercy, but they hired people to hurt you!”

Those were several big guys! If someone hadn’t come to her rescue, who knew what kind of suffering she would have had to endure?

Much more dreadful things could have happened!

“They have lost their conscience, so don’t you keep being foolish!”

“Yes! It’s alright to be kind, but don’t overdo it! Kind people often get bullied!”

People were actively offering her their advice.

Warm tears of gratitude welled up in Xia Xibei’s eyes as she listened to their kind words.

“Thank you so much, all of you!” She smiled through her tears, putting up a tough front. “Don’t worry about me. I finally get it now, and I won’t be so foolish anymore!”

“That’s right!”

“That’s the way you should be!”

The people were glad upon seeing how resilient Xia Xibei was.

They couldn’t put their satisfaction into words as they saw how the blindly filial child wasn’t kind at her own expense anymore.

The reporter was happy yet furious at the same time.

It was quite a miracle that such a great little girl, who hadn’t received love from her family since a young age, did not turn into a scumbag who sought revenge on society. She chose to offer a helping hand to others instead!

This story deserved proper attention!

Very soon, some unusual content began to appear on the internet.

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