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Chapter 170: Not a Family

Xia Shahai scowled. Why was Xia Xibei so well-behaved?

Before he could speak a single word, Liu Lixin exploded beside him.

“You freaking bitch! How dare you lay hands on my children?! I’m gonna make you pay for it!”

Even though she loved money, she cared for her children even more.

If anything untoward happened to them, she would never let Xia Xibei get away with it!

If others hadn’t been stopping her, she would have dashed forward and scratched Xia Xibei’s face by now.

Xia Xibei couldn’t help but take a few steps back in the face of her fury. Frightened, she asked, “What… What do you mean? When did I lay- Lay hands on your children?”

“Don’t play the fool with me!” Liu Lixin growled in rage, “Didn’t you send us the threatening letters? If you dare harm them, I’ll kill you!”

Xia Xibei shrank a little and panicked terribly.

“Auntie, what are you talking about? I don’t get it…”

“You don’t get it?” Liu Lixin’s rage was boiling over by now. “Didn’t you try to harm them today? I’m telling you, don’t even think about it!”

“Huh? What? Harm them?” Xia Xibei looked baffled. “I… I just wanted to visit them…”

“Screw that!” Liu Lixin let loose her torrent of abuse. “If you dare go near them again, I will end you!”

One was a fierce, unruly woman, while the other was a weak, delicate little girl. The people were rooting for Xia Xibei for sure.

“Shut up!”

Seeing that Liu Lixin was going overboard, the cop at the side finally bellowed out, “This is a police station! How dare you behave like this!”

Having been shouted at like that, Liu Lixin finally recovered her senses from the intense rage.

She knew that she had lost control of herself. However, as a parent, who could guarantee that they wouldn’t get mad when faced with such incidents?

“Talk it out if there’s an issue! This is not a place for you to make a scene!”

Only then did Liu Lixin realize that things weren’t quite right.

She had thought that Xia Xibei had been arrested, but that didn’t seem to be the case…

“Make yourself clear now! What is really going on here?” The cop at the side had a deep frown on his forehead, staring at Liu Lixin with a rather hostile expression on his face.

While Xia Xibei was having her statement recorded earlier, everyone had learnt that her parents were divorced and that she was living alone.

She had come to visit her brother and sister, who were students at the elementary school, and had happened to run into the accident, so she offered her aid.

Moreover, having heard the way she addressed the couple just now, the hideous-looking middle-aged couple in front of them were obviously her father and her stepmother, weren’t they?

As they were on bad terms, it was no wonder the woman had started her barrage right after they met.

“We’re here to file a report! She sent us the threatening letters, wanting to harm our children!” Liu Lixin exclaimed as she pointed at Xia Xibei, seeming agitated. “You should arrest her now!”

“Auntie…” Xia Xibei looked aggrieved and hurt. “When did I ever send you any letters? Don’t tell lies!”

“It was clearly you!”

Liu Lixin handed over the letters.

“Look, these were all sent by her!”

Everyone lowered their gazes to see, all of them rather stunned.

Those words were… Terrifying!

“But are you certain that these were written by her? What proof do you have?”

“Of course I have proof!”

Liu Lixin took out her phone. “Look at this! This is what she sent to threaten us! If she wasn’t planning on doing something, why would she come here for no reason? She was clearly trying to harm my children!”

Everyone’s lips twitched after seeing the picture.

Someone couldn’t help but speak up, “This isn’t a self-taken picture, though. It was taken by someone else! And this number doesn’t necessarily belong to her. Besides, she only came to visit her brother and sister. How is that illegal?”

“What brother and sister? They are not family!” Liu Lixin denied assertively.

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