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Chapter 169: She Wants to Harm Our Children

“What’s the name of the person you’re talking about?” The cop inquired with some hesitation.

Perhaps it was just her lookalike!

“Her name is Xia Xibei!” Liu Lixin blurted out right away, a fiery ball of rage having ignited within her.

She wondered what in the world was wrong with those people. Not only was Xia Xibei unscathed, they had even gotten themselves into the police station!

Luckily, they did not give her away.

However, it turned out that Xia Xibei had found out about it!

For the past couple of days, Liu Lixin and Xia Shahai had received several threatening letters. These letters contained photos of their two children with hateful words written below them.

“You won’t leave me in peace, so I’m gonna ruin your peace too.”

“I will drag them to Hell with me!”

The horrific words were written in a very neat handwriting.

Liu Lixin exploded right away when she received those letters.

How dare that little bitch play them like this?! Did she really think they would be afraid of her?! A little wimpy kid like her was actually trying to meddle with them?

Although Xia Shahai had said that Xia Xibei’s true personality was very tough and uncompromising, it sounded like utter nonsense to Liu Lixin, who had never gotten to truly know Xia Xibei.

Xia Shahai must have said that in an attempt to shut her up, after having transferred the house under Xia Xibei’s name!

She wondered what kind of tricks that little bitch had used to turn Xia Shahai into such a coward.

Nonetheless, she remained undaunted!

She did not believe that Xia Xibei actually had the guts to go all out against them!

However, that opinion of hers was quickly debunked.

The letters continued to arrive, all of them accompanied by photos of the two children. Some of the photos even showed them studying at school.

Xia Xibei was really serious about it!

What truly scared the wits out of them, however, was the assault.

Whenever Liu Lixin went to fetch the children, she would usually park her car nearby for their convenience.

However, the kids rushed over in a panic just now, saying that a bad guy was slashing people with a knife!

Liu Lixin almost died of fright!

Seeing the havoc that was raging ahead, she tugged at someone in a hurry, asking them what was really going on.

The person said that a guy had attempted to hurt the children, but someone had stopped him before anything truly tragic could occur.

However, due to the distance, the only things they could ascertain were that the main leads of the incident were a man and a woman. They weren’t sure which figure was the bad one and which was the good.

Liu Lixin’s face paled after hearing the explanation.

Shortly after, she received a picture. It turned out that Xia Xibei was in the picture, and the background was one that she was very familiar with—the vicinity of the school where her two children studied!

It really was Xia Xibei! She really wanted to harm her children!

At that point, Liu Lixin dared not take the matter lightly anymore. She called Xia Shahai right away and had him rush over, after which they came to file the report together.

Unexpectedly, the cop in front of them had a queer look on his face after listening to her allegation.

“You said the person’s name is Xia Xibei?”

“Yes! It’s her!” Liu Lixin was extremely agitated by now. “She’s trying to harm my children! You must catch her and lock her up!”

She was overwhelmed with fear.

If not for the person who had stopped the assault, her two children could have been harmed!

Who would have expected an ordinary little girl to commit such a malicious act?

“Xia Xibei!” The cop shouted out in the distance.

Liu Lixin and Xia Shahai turned around in bewilderment, finally seeing the girl who was surrounded by the crowd.

“Xia Xibei?!”

The two of them drew in a sharp breath.

Liu Lixin felt glad right away. She was caught already? Good!

Xia Xibei walked up to them, asking “You’re looking for me?”

When she saw the husband-wife pair, her eyes shone, then she became a little flustered.

“Father! Aunt… Auntie, hello.”

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