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Chapter 171: Xia Xibei Feels Wronged

Li Lixin’s words made people’s expressions change a bit.

While they knew she was the stepmom and not the biological mom, she couldn’t be this heartless, could she?

Meanwhile, when they looked at Xia Xibei, they saw that her eyes were already moist. ”

I… I just thought that since June 1st, International Children’s Day, is coming soon, I would…”

As she talked, her voice started to choke up.

Seeing her pitiful appearance, everyone gathered couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

How could such a good girl be so disliked?

Her own father didn’t even say a word. He was simply standing by his wife’s side.

This girl was so pitiful.

“Ugh! Don’t lie to me!” Liu Lixin was furious. “You don’t have any good intentions! You just want revenge against me!”

“Revenge?” Xia Xibei looked bewildered. “Why would I want revenge on you?”


Liu Lixin almost blurted it out, but fortunately, she was cut off when Xia Shahai pinched her.

She massaged her stinging flesh and snorted, “You just can’t stand the happiness we have with our family!”

As soon as she said this, Xia Xibei’s tears suddenly came out. She quickly lowered her head, then wiped the tears away with the back of her hand.

“I… I know we are not a family, but I really didn’t do anything!”

People felt even worse for her.

Someone couldn’t hold it back anymore, demanding, “Is there something wrong with you?!”

Liu Lixin stared at the person immediately, but he didn’t seem fazed, continuing, “If your child was a student at Dongyan Elementary School, then you should be thanking her! If it weren’t for her, your child might have been hurt now!”

“Exactly! If it weren’t for this girl, who knows how many children would have been hurt now?!”

Other people spoke up in support of her too.

“Exactly, it’s like the saying, ‘the most poisonous is the stepmother’s heart.’ She’s too vicious! I’ve never seen this before!”

“This girl is so sweet. You don’t have to love her, but there’s no need to slander her!”

“Your evidence is really ridiculous. Are you sure those letters are really from this girl?”

Xia Xibei couldn’t help but look at everyone gratefully as she listened to their defense of her.

People felt their hearts become soft as they watched a pretty girl like her react like this.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Liu Lixin looked at the man who spoke first. “Do you have something going on with her? Is that why you are helping her like this?!”

“Pfft!” The man’s expression suddenly changed. “Watch your mouth! What do you mean?! Be careful, or I will sue you for slander!”

“Oh my god, how shameless is this woman! She just opened her mouth to slander the girl!”

“It’s outrageous!”

Other people became angry as well. They came over to be witnesses.

Naturally, they knew that Xia Xibei did not know anyone present.

Yet Liu Lixin spoke so casually, assuming that their relationship was sordid. This was causing a public outcry!

“Shut up!”

The police officers on the side didn’t expect an argument to erupt again so quickly, hurrying out to stop them.

“Police officers, they ganged up to bully us!” Liu Lixin made the accusations first.

However, the police officers only glared at her fiercely.

“Do you think we are not here?! You think we can’t see who is right and who is wrong?!”

Liu Lixin’s neck shrank back with the force of the glare. She didn’t dare be so loud anymore.

Meanwhile, Xia Xibei just continued crying silently. She looked at the others apologetically, silently saying sorry.

Why would anyone blame her?

Everything was the the d*mn stepmom and dad’s fault!

“Okay, everyone who’s not involved has to leave. We will take care of this matter.”

Although everyone was unwilling, they still dispersed. However, they did not leave completely. They just waited not too far away.

“Bring over the threatening letters.”

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