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Chapter 150: It’s an Empty Cab

“Are you alright for sure?” Xia Xibei was still worried.

“I’m fine, really. I don’t feel hot anymore,” Tang Luo smiled and shook his head. He had returned to his normal self.

“Don’t forget to tell me if you don’t feel right.”


As they watched how the duo were caring for each other, the two men at the side found the scene rather annoying.

Mo Bonan frowned, “Tell us if you’re unwell. Don’t take it all by yourself.”

“I really am fine!” Tang Luo almost swore an oath.

“Alright then, let’s head back,” Mo Bonan said. “You still have classes tomorrow.”

It was a bad idea for a student to stay out so late.

“Alright,” Tang Luo nodded meekly, seeming very obedient.

“Let us go back too,” Qiao Yanjue told Xia Xibei.

“I’ll go back on my own.” Xia Xibei shot him a glance. “We’re going different ways anyway, so there’s no need for the trouble.”

Xia Xibei’s refusal made Qiao Yanjue awkward. Just why was this girl so stubborn?

“Never mind, I happen to be going there, and it’s not easy to get a cab at this hour.”

Right as he finished, he saw Xia Xibei reaching out to the road with a hand.

The next moment, an empty cab arrived.

Qiao Yanjue was left without words.

The cab came to a halt and the driver put down the car window. Before he could speak, he was greeted by an ice-cold stare from Qiao Yanjue, and he couldn’t help but shiver a little.

Those eyes were frightening! Forget it, it was better to run for his life!

“Apologies, my shift has ended!”

Right as he finished speaking, he stepped on the accelerator and took off.

As they watched the cab disappear from sight, everyone fell silent.

“See, it happens to be a shift-changing hour. It’s hard to get a cab now,” Qiao Yanjue said in a serious manner, spreading his hands.

At the back, Ren Juncheng and Yu Ziqi exchanged a glance, quietly taking a step back while tugging at their pets.

They didn’t know if the others saw it, but they clearly saw the stare that Qiao Yanjue gave the driver. It was totally intimidating!

Xia Xibei didn’t notice what Qiao Yanjue had done, still speechless at the driver.

If his shift had ended, why did he have the “vacant cab” sign on?!

“Alright, let’s go.”

Having witnessed everything from the side, Mo Bonan chortled, then turned to speak to Tang Luo, “My mom even asked you to go back early just now. She’ll be worried if you don’t go back.”

“I did not receive Auntie Shan’s call.” Tang Luo was slightly baffled.

“Perhaps she didn’t want to disturb you.”

Tang Luo seldom went out and he wouldn’t stay out so late even if he did. Mo’s mother probably didn’t want to disrupt him.

“Oh.” Tang Luo could only nod, “Let us go then.”

At the side, Qiao Yanjue couldn’t hold it in anymore. Doubtfully, he asked, “You two live together?”

“Yes, he lives at my place,” Mo Bonan nodded frankly.

“I’ll move out after the final exam,” Tang Luo added without even realizing it.

Mo Bonan’s face fell a little at his words. “You’re so eager to move out?”

“No, no… I- I…” Tang Luo became nervous right away. “I- I… I can’t be staying at your place forever, right?!”

Mo Bonan’s eyes dimmed and he pulled a straight face. “You can keep living at our place. My mom will be pleased.”

“But I can’t keep living there even after I get married, can I?!” Tang Luo blurted out.

Get married? Mo Bonan’s face turned even more dismal.

“You’re thinking of getting married already?”

Tang Luo was at a loss. “No, no, no… I was just…”

“Tang Luo was just giving an example.”

Xia Xibei couldn’t help but come to his rescue when she saw how helpless Tang Luo was.

Mo Bonan shot a sharp stare at Xia Xibei, holding back the words “mind your own business,” which were on the tip of his tongue.

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