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Chapter 149: Young Master Mo

Tang Luo’s expression changed slightly when he saw the car.

A tall man quickly got out of the car.

“Little Luo.”

The man walked up and warily looked at the group.

“You’re not back yet?”

The man was around 25 or 26, about the same height as Qiao Yanjue. He was handsome too, and his well-fitting suit outlined his fit physique.

His aura was strong, with a sense of authority that was hard to ignore.

When he and Qiao Yanjue stood together, people couldn’t help but worry about the two of them suddenly fighting.

Xia Xibei noticed that Tang Luo’s face went a little pale when the man appeared, his eyes flickering slightly.

“Brother Bonan,” Tang Luo’s body looked a little tense, “I’m about to go back.”

“Don’t get back too late.” Mo Bonan’s eyes drooped slightly, a bit indifferent but still quite concerned about Tang Luo. “Kids should rest early, otherwise they won’t grow tall.”

While talking, he frowned and looked at Tang Luo’s height, looking very dissatisfied.

Tang Luo’s mouth twitched as he spoke stiffly, “I- I know.”

Seeing Tang Luo so flustered in front of Mo Bonan, Xia Xibei couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. There seemed to be a story here!

“And you are…?”

Mo Bonan looked at the group with a sharp gaze. When he saw Qiao Yanjue, his pupils shrank, and his jaw line tightened slightly.

Ren Juncheng and Yu Ziqi couldn’t help but shrink back their necks, feeling speechless.

Why were both Xia Xibei and Tang Luo’s elders so mean?

“Hello. I am Qiao Yanjue.”

Qiao Yanjue stepped forward with a smile at the corner of his mouth, but did not reach out his hand.

Mo Bonan frowned upon hearing his name.

“Qiao Yanjue, the capital city?”

Qiao Yanjue’s smile became even more harmless as he replied, “Yes, from the capital city.”

“Mo Bonan.”

“Hello, young master Mo,” Qiao Yanjue’s smile stayed the same.

Mo Bonan raised his eyes a bit, his thin lips slightly lifted.

“Hello, Lord Jue.”

Looking at their confrontation, everyone seemed to see an alarming spark, and felt that the two of them were about to fight within the next second.

Ren Juncheng and Yu Ziqi looked at each other and couldn’t help but step back.

The weather was warming up, so why had the temperature dropped when the two of them appeared?

Asura and Honey also held back their anger, obediently nestling besides their owners.

They had animal instincts and knew that these two people were not to be messed with.

“This is…?” Mo Bonan looked at the only girl present.

“Hello, my name is Xia Xibei. I am Tang Luo’s deskmate,” Xia Xibei gave Mo Bonan a friendly smile.

“Same desk?” Mo Bonan looked at her with an uncomfortable glance.

Upon seeing this, Qiao Yanjue’s smile cooled down. “We have to thank Tang Luo for taking care of our Beibei.”

Mo Bonan’s expression moved slightly when he heard this, and there was a hint of surprise.

He looked back and forth from Xia Xibei to Qiao Yanjue. This time, the smile on his face was more sincere.

“In that case, I should also thank this classmate for taking care of Little Luo.”

“They are classmates. It’s no big deal.” Qiao Yanjue was unwilling to show weakness.

Xia Xibei’s mouth twitched upon seeing the two of them going back and forth, wishing Asura would bite them.

Who did they think they were to say these words?!

However, Xia Xibei was more worried about Tang Luo.

Tang Luo’s face had been a bit pale before, but now it was a little red.

“Tang Luo, are you okay? Why is your face red?”

Mo Bonan, who was talking to Qiao Yanjue, immediately turned around, pestering him, “What’s the matter? Are you feeling okay?”

Tang Luo was a little embarrassed, assuring him, “It’s okay, I’m just a bit hot.”

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