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Chapter 151: How are You So Free

As he looked at the nervous Tang Luo, Mo Bonan suppressed his displeasure. “Fine, let’s go back first. It’s late already.”

Then he opened the car door.

With a cold stare pinned on him, Tang Luo shrank a little and got into the car meekly.

Before leaving, Tang Luo waved at the others.

“We’ll go first then. Stay in touch.”


They waved back at him, Asura barking and Honey meowing along.

“Let’s go,” Mo Bonan ordered, and the car set off right away.

As he stared at the vanishing car, Qiao Yanjue had a rather complicated look in his eyes.

He seemed to have gained some enlightenment from the incident.

Looking at Xia Xibei, who was still trying to hail a cab at the side, he felt a headache begin to form.

“Enough of that, I’ll send you back.”

“No need,” Xia Xibei shook her head, “I’ll get a cab soon.”

“So, you want them to keep you company while you wait for a cab?” Qiao Yanjue pointed at the other two people at the scene.



Honey and Asura voiced their willingness right away. They sure would like to spend some more time with Xia Xibei!

“I think…” Ren Juncheng shrank a little, then spoke discreetly, “How about… Letting brother Qiao send you back?”

Yu Ziqi, on the other hand, was rather mindless.

“It’s fine, we could keep waiting—Ah! Why did you pinch me?!”

Ren Juncheng shot him an annoyed glare, then laughed dryly as he explained, “Haha… I just saw a mosquito, that’s all.”

“Mosquito? Where?!” Yu Ziqi lost his cool right away.

As she watched their behavior, Xia Xibei had no choice but to give in.

“Fine, I’ll go with him.”

“Well, get in the car.” Qiao Yanjue felt relieved, casting a look of satisfaction at Ren Juncheng.

“We’re leaving. You guys should head back.”

“Well then, let’s keep in touch.”



After saying their farewells, the car set off.

In the car, Xia Xibei asked out of nowhere, “Have you been very free lately?”

Qiao Yanjue’s face went a little stiff as he answered, “It’s alright, I’m not really busy. I’m currently working on the early preparation.”

Xia Xibei scowled, not satisfied with that response.

With Qiao Yanjue’s status, how could he possibly have the time to wander everywhere?

“But that isn’t the only thing you’re occupied with, right?”

The Qiao family was huge and their business was massive! Even if he hadn’t officially taken over the Qiao family, he shouldn’t be so free either, should he?

Having noticed Xia Xibei’s disdain, Qiao Yanjue felt rather helpless.

“What we’re dealing with right now is the highlight of this year.”

Sure enough, he had other dealings at hand, but he didn’t have to tell Xia Xibei about them.

If he told her, she would chase him away, wouldn’t she?

Xia Xibei scowled, wanting to say more, but stopped herself from doing so. After all, what she wanted to say wasn’t appropriate at the moment.

Anyhow, Qiao Yanjue was a member of the Qiao family. It would be appalling for her to make self-righteous comments on the Qiaos’ affairs.

Qiao Yanjue noticed that Xia Xibei had unspoken words on the tip of her tongue, so he asked, “What do you want to say?”

“Nothing,” she shook her head. “I just feel that… You seem to be in quite a lot of danger.”

They had only met a few times, but he had been assaulted twice.

It seemed that Qiao Yanjue had a lot of hurdles to overcome before he could take over the post.

Qiao Yanjue couldn’t help but smile when he saw that she was concerned about him. “Rest assured, it won’t happen again. You don’t have to worry.”

Xia Xibei sneered, “I’m not worried about you. Just make sure you don’t get me into trouble.”

Qiao Yanjue’s smile froze on his face.

But she took the insult one step further.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Please don’t call me Beibei again. We’re not that close, okay?”

The air in Qiao Yanjue’s surroundings turned icy in just an instant.

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